Online Registration to Play Sports

The Canandaigua Athletics Department is excited to announce a new and easy online method to register your student-athlete for participation in any CCSD Athletics program, grades 7-12.

The online registration is through a service called FamilyID ( FamilyID is a secure registration platform that provides parents with an easy, user-friendly way to register your children for our athletic programs, and helps us to be more administratively efficient and environmentally responsible. When you register through FamilyID, the system keeps track of your information in your FamilyID profile. You enter your information only once for each family member.


  • When registering your student-athlete please be prepared to submit physician information, student health history, current medications, restrictions on physical activity, and a current physical.

The physical must give sports clearance, with a passing vision and be dated within a year of starting the sport. You can check in the parent portal to see if the latest physical we have on file for your child will satisfy this requirement. The physical date is in the parent portal under the health tab. If your child does not have a current physical on file – please schedule their appointment, and when completed upload a copy to Family ID, or submit a copy of the physical to the health office.

No Payment is required to participate in any interscholastic sport in grades 7-12 in the Canandaigua City School District.


After clicking, scroll down to the registration link under "PROGRAMS". The first time that you use this service, you will need to create an Account for your participants. All ID information is confidential and will never be shared.

Register Now

Login to Family ID here to Edit your Registration

Once you have submitted your registration through Family ID you will receive an email confirmation that your registration is complete. Please note that completing the registration process does not mean that your child is “cleared to participate”. Final approval will need to be completed by the district.
Once your registration has been approved – you will receive another email updating the status of your registration from complete to approved. If anything is missing from your registration, you will receive an email stating your registration status has been changed from complete to not approved – and information will be provided from the Nurse’s office as to what is needed to obtain approval.

2022-2023 Start Dates For Varsity, JV, & Modified

  • Fall 2022 - Varsity & JV - Monday, August 22, 2022
  • Fall 2022 - Mod A & B Football - Monday, August 29, 2022
  • Fall 2022 - Modified - Tuesday, September 6, 2022
  • Winter 2022- Varsity & JV - Monday, November 14, 2022
  • Winter 2022- Modified - Monday, November 28, 2022
  • Spring 2023- Varsity & JV - Monday, March 13, 2023
  • Spring 2023- Modified - Monday, March 27, 2023

Academic Eligibility Policy


The primary mission of the school district is the development of academic skills: In supporting this mission, all students are required to demonstrate acceptable levels of academic progress throughout the duration of the Extra-Curricular Activity in which they participate.

The District desires to maximize the educational success and the character development of all students and to prepare them to become contributing, productive citizens. The Extra-Curricular Code of Conduct, and the academic eligibility policy in particular, support this mission. The primary goal of this academic eligibility policy is to identify academic problems as early as possible and encourage students to take advantage of extra help opportunities.

Academic Eligibility for students participating in Extra-Curricular Activities will be reviewed periodically. Academic eligibility should be reviewed approximately every two (2) weeks, as determined by the District. For purposes of this Academic Eligibility Policy, a student’s grade in each particular course shall be reviewed and monitored.

Academic Eligibility Categories

Parents, students, advisers and coaches will be notified of a student’s ineligibility. Students will be declared ineligible effective on a Monday, and remain ineligible for two weeks. A student will remain ineligible if satisfactory academic levels are not achieved at the conclusion of the two-week period. The procedure will be repeated every two weeks during the school year.

Extra-Curricular Code of Conduct/Academic Eligibility Policy
football players on the field during a game