About Us

Our Vision Statement

The Canandaigua City School District will lead and inspire a community of learners to fulfill their academic and creative potential.

Our Mission Statement

We demonstrate our commitment to the whole child by:

  • Providing rigorous opportunities in academics, the arts, and athletics;
  • Supporting the social, emotional, and developmental needs of all students;
  • Maintaining a focus on character development; and,
  • Engaging families and our community

Our two main district goals

    • Academic success for every child we serve

    By challenging students with high academic standards and expectations for achievement through innovative programming and instruction, enhanced by the delivery of a full array of social, emotional and developmental support systems.

    • The development of good character in all students

    Through a never-ending school, home and community commitment to character based on five core virtues: respect, responsibility, caring, honesty, and healthful lifestyles.

    The District 5 - year Strategic Management Plan

    The District utilizes a 5-year strategic management plan, last revised in 2014, called the Plan for Excellence. This plan contains the Vision and Mission Statements for the District and an annual Management Plan.

    Plan for Excellence

    In 2018-19, the focus is on implementation of the 2018-2019 Management Plan of the 5-year Plan for Excellence. This includes initiatives in the areas of Educational Excellence, Student Life, Employee Life, Stewardship, and Communication, Community & Tradition. Work will continue on implementation of new and/or modified curricula related to the New York State Common Core Standards of Learning, as well as continued streamlining of evaluation activities related to teacher/principal professional performance review (APPR).

    2 girls in tennis huddled together and smiling

    District Highlights

    • Class of 2018 - 95% Regents and 56% Advanced Diplomas
    • Canandaigua Academy offers over 200 distinct courses
      • 15 Advanced Placement courses
      • 18 college-level and 3:1:1 courses in coordination with Finger Lakes Community College and Rochester Institute of Technology
      • International Baccalaureate Programme
    • Gifted and talented program
    • Canandaigua Middle School named a National School of Character in 2015
    • Extensive technology use, including individual Chromebook devices for each student in Gr. 1-12 for 2018-19. Ipads for students in Kindergarten.
    • Five classes of Universal Pre-Kindergarten on campus
    • Full day kindergarten
    • A range of academic and support services aimed at early identification of academic issues.
    • A wide array of in-district special education services
    • Award-winning performing arts opportunities
    • Resource-rich libraries and library websites. The Academy site is an “International Best of the Web” and the Middle School Library is the 2016 Rochester region School Library of the Year

    District Map

    The Canandaigua City School District encompasses 88 square miles around the north end and west side of Canandaigua Lake, including the entire City of Canandaigua.

    The boundary zigs and zags a lot, based on property lines. If you are considering moving here, don't forget to check with us at 585-396-3725 to make sure a particular address is within the district. With few exceptions, you must be a resident of the district to send children to us.

    Data & Demographics

    Data as of September 10, 2015

    Out of 3,624 Canandaigua students:

    1,895 are boys; 1,729 are girls.

    Canandaigua Academy:

    1,127 students

    Middle School:

    805 students

    Primary-Elementary School:

    1,606 students

    District Digest - Community Newsletter

    Solar Panels

    In 2012, the Canandaigua City School District utilized a NYSERDA grant to fund a solar energy capital project. This project consisted of the installation of solar panel arrays on the roofs of three school buildings -- Academy, Middle School and Primary School.

    • The energy produced by these panels is fed directly to each building’s electrical panel, reducing each building’s draw on the community electrical grid and lowering the District’s overall costs for electricity service.

    academy's roof with the solar panels pointed out
    Click onto photo for view of solar panels

    middle school's roof with solar panels pointed out
    click onto photo for view of solar panels

    primary elementary school's view of roof with solar panels pointed out
    click onto photo for view of solar panels