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What Is Schoology?

Schoology is an online learning, classroom management, and social networking platform that improves learning through better communication, collaboration, and increased access to curriculum.

Teachers use Schoology to post their classroom materials online; provide a forum for students to collaborate on projects; and to assign and collect homework electronically. It helps students stay organized and it keeps the class connected.

A Schoology Parent Account gives you access to:

-The classes your child is enrolled in.
-Your child’s upcoming assignments.
-School and class communications/announcements.

Schoology makes it easy for parents to stay involved in their children’s education.

To sign up for a K-12 Schoology account, please email Portal Help.

Click here for a video showing how to login and use the Schoology Parent Portal.

Infinite Campus

Infinite Campus

What is the Infinite Campus Portal?

The Infinite Campus Portal is a confidential and secure web site that allows parents/guardians and students to log in and view their child’s progress in school with real-time access as it is entered by teachers, counselors, and other staff:

-Progress reports
-Assignments (Gradebook)
-NYS assessments
-Immunization information
-Fees (Chromebook Protection Plan)

To request a portal account or to reset your password, please email the Portal Help.

Click here for a video showing how to login and use the Infinite Campus Parent Portal.

Notifications and Resources

Emergency Notifications

School Messenger Logo

Parents and Guardians

You can take advantage of our

Text Messaging Service

Our school utilizes the SchoolMessenger system to deliver text messages, straight to your mobile phone with important information about events, school closings, safety alerts and more.

You can participate in this free service* just by sending a text message of “Y” or “Yes” to our school’s short code number, 67587.

You can also opt out of these messages at any time by simply replying to one of our messages with “Stop”.

SchoolMessenger is compliant with the Student Privacy PledgeTM, so you can rest assured that your information is safe and will never be given or sold to anyone.

Opt-In from your mobile phone now! Just Send "Y" or "Yes" to 67587.

School Messenger QR Code

Parent Notifications

Parents' Bill of Rights for Data Privacy & Security

In accordance with Education Law Section 2-d, the Canandaigua City School District hereby sets forth the following Parents’ Bill of Rights for Data Privacy and Security, which is applicable to all students and their parents/legal guardians.

1. A student’s personally identifiable information cannot be sold or released by the District or BOCES for any commercial or marketing purposes;
2. In accordance with FERPA, Section 2-d and Board of Education Policy 7250 Student Records: Access and Challenge, parents have the right to inspect, review and/or receive a copy of the complete contents of their child’s education record, including any student data stored or maintained by the District or BOCES.
3. The District will disclose personally identifiable information from student records, without parental consent, to other school officials within the District whom the District has determined to have a legitimate educational interest (see 5b below).
4. The District, at its discretion, releases directory information without prior consent, unless the parent/guardian or eligible student has exercised their right to prohibit release of the information without prior written consent.
5. State and federal laws protect the confidentiality of a student's personally identifiable information, and safeguards associated with industry standards and best practices, including, but not limited to, encryption, firewalls, and password protection, must be in place when data is stored or transferred. The District has the following safeguards in place:
a. All databases that have student information are protected by a secure password and login. These logins are monitored and kept up to date;
b. Student information is only accessible by those that are deemed warranted of having the information.
6. The New York State Education Department collects a number of student data elements for authorized uses. A complete list of all student data elements collected by the State is available for public review from the State Education Department at this NYSED website. Or parents may obtain a copy of this list by writing to:

Office of Information & Reporting Services
New York State Education Department
Room 863 EBA
89 Washington Avenue
Albany, NY 12234

7. Parents have the right to submit complaints about possible breaches of student data or teacher or principal APPR data. Any such complaint must be submitted, in writing to:

Jamie Farr, Superintendent
Canandaigua City School District
143 North Pearl Street
Canandaigua, NY 14424

Access to Student Records & Directory Information

Certain student information is considered directory information. Directory information may be released by the school to anyone who requests it, pending approval by the District Records Access Officer. Release of directory information is not permitted if the information is to be used for solicitation, fundraising, political or commercial purposes. Directory information includes:

Student’s name

Telephone number


Date of birth

Degrees/awards received in school

Dates of attendance

Weight/height of members of athletic teams

Most recent previous school attended

Participation in officially recognized school activities /sports and other similar information.

If a parent, guardian or eligible student does not wish to have some or all of the directory information described above be released without prior consent, he or she must contact the school principal’s office within 30 days of publication of annual notice (usually August in district Calendar).

Parents and guardians of students have the right to inspect and review official educational records. As long as the records are directly related to their children, parents/guardians may obtain copies of them from the school district. If any record appears inaccurate or misleading, parents/guardians also have the right to file for a hearing to challenge the record’s contents. Requests to inspect, make copies, or amend educational records must be submitted in writing, either in person or by mail, to the District Records Access Officer, 143 North Pearl St, Canandaigua, NY 14424. The Records Access Officer will provide information on further procedures and any applicable fees. A form for this purpose may be obtained by calling 396-3714.

Under NCLB, U.S. military recruiters have unlimited access to any student’s school records unless a parent/guardian has filed a letter with the District Counseling Center that specifically denies such access. Please contact the Director of Pupil Personnel Services at 396-3952 for details.

Student Privacy

Parents have the opportunity to opt their child out of participating in the following activities:

The collection, disclosure or use of personal information collected from students for the purpose of marketing or for selling that information, or providing such information to a third party for that purpose. The Canandaigua City School District has never engaged in this type of activity and will not in the future.

Any non-emergency, invasive physical examination or screening that is required as a condition of attendance, administered by the school and scheduled in advance, and is not necessary to protect the immediate health and safety of the student, or of other students. The District has never contemplated such activities.

Administration of any survey containing questions regarding one or more of the following protected information areas:

1)political affiliation or beliefs of the student or student’s family;

2)mental or psychological problems of the student or student’s family;

3)sex behavior or attitudes;

4)illegal, antisocial, self-incriminating, or demeaning behavior;

5)critical appraisals of others with whom respondents have close family relationships;

6)legally recognized privileged relationships, such as lawyers, doctors or ministers;

7)religious practices, affiliations, or beliefs of the student or parents;

8)income, other than as required by law to determine eligibility for particular programs (such as Free & Reduced Price meal programs).

Parents also have the right to inspect, upon request and before administration or use:

1)Protected information surveys of students;

2)Instruments used to collect personal information from students;

3)Instructional material used as part of the educational curriculum

The District has administered Character Education and Risk Behavior surveys to students at grade levels 6-12 that have included general questions on sexual attitudes and illegal behavior related to drug and alcohol usage. The District plans to continue administration of these surveys periodically.

Staff Qualifications

Parents have the right to request the following information regarding the professional teaching qualifications of the child’s classroom teacher(s):

  • Whether the teacher has met NYS Education Department qualifications and licensing criteria for the grade levels and subject areas he/she teaches.
  • Whether the teacher is teaching under emergency or other provisional status through which NYSED qualifications and licensing have been waived due to special circumstances.
  • The teacher’s college major (undergraduate level); whether the teacher has any graduate certifications or degrees and, if so, the field of discipline of the certification or degree.
  • Whether their child is provided services by any teaching assistants and, if so, their qualifications.

There are several other annual notifications required by law. These include:

Additional Notifications

The District Attendance Policy – A summary appears in the District Calendar and in specific school student/parent handbooks.

Student Codes of Conduct – A summary appears in the Calendar. More specific codes for each building are published in school handbooks.

Pesticide Application and Asbestos Abatement – Both notifications are available in the District Calendar under Buildings and Grounds.

To obtain a copy of the District Calendar, please contact your building’s main office or the Office of Community Relations at 396-3714.

Military Rights to Student Information

Under the federal No Child Left Behind Act, U.S. military recruiters have unlimited access to any student’s school records unless a parent/guardian has filed a letter with the District Counseling Center that specifically denies such access.

Please contact Lisa Schenk, Counseling Center secretary, at 585-396-3810 for details. Or e-mail her at schenkl@canandaiguaschools.org.

Resource Links

Digital Nation - life on the virtual frontier (WXXI PBS)

Information on organizations which provide recreational activities, support, counseling, educational opportunities, and other services for families in Ontario County.

Title 1

Title 1 is federally funded to help children who are struggling to meet challenging academic state standards.

Title 1 monies are used to support:

  • Salaries of K-5 Reading teachers servicing struggling students at both Canandaigua Primary-Elementary School and St. Mary's Catholic school,
  • Academic Intervention Services for Canandaigua students who are in out-of-district placements (due to handicapping conditions or behavioral issues),
  • Supplies and materials for homeless students,
  • Services for students at the Ontario County Youth Care Facility
  • Services for incarcerated youths at the Ontario County Jail.

Canandaigua City School District

Title 1

AIS School‐Parent Compact

To help our children achieve, we agree to abide by the following conditions during the 2015‐2016 school year:

School Responsibilities

The school will:

* Provide high‐quality curriculum and instruction in a supportive and effective learning environment;

* Hold parent‐teacher conferences during these conferences, this compact will be discussed as it relates

to your child’s academic achievement;

* Provide parents with frequent reports on their child’s progress;

* Provide parents reasonable access to staff; and

* Provide parents with opportunities to volunteer and participate in their child’s class and to observe

classroom activities.

Parent Responsibilities

We, as parents, will support our children’s learning in the following ways:

* Monitor my child’s attendance;

* Make sure that homework is completed;

* Limit amount of television my child watches;

* Volunteer in my child’s school;

* Participate in decisions regarding my children’s education;

* Promote positive use of my child’s extracurricular time; and

* Stay informed about my child’s education and communicate with the school regularly.

Student Responsibilities

As a student, I will share the responsibility to improve my grades, and agree to:

* Do homework every day and ask for help when needed;

* Read at least 20 minutes a day outside of school; and

* Give to my parents all notices and information received by me from my school every day

Other Information Events

septa icon

Penfield SEPTA Speaker Series 2017-18

Bay Trail Library - 7pm

SEPTEMBER 20 –Open House | Meet and Greet


NOVEMBER 15- ****Joint Session

  • Mary Beth Fussa, MS Ed | Center for Social Intelligence | Executive Functioning
  • Dr. Danielle Morris | ADHD

DECEMBER 2 – BOOK FAIR | Barnes and Nobles

JANUARY 31- IEP Overview: How to get the most effective IEP for your child

  • Presentation by Rachel Rosner | Director of Education and Support at Autism UP

FEBRUARY 28- ****Joint session

  • Patricia Corbett-Dick, PNP, RN | Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics at Golisano Children’s Hospital
    • Best Practices for Managing after school activities/ behaviors: How to balance home and school more effectively

MARCH 21- OPWDD overview

  • Presentation by Amy Albanese and Jessica Wallace | ARC of Monroe County

APRIL 18- State of Special Education | Scott Dreschler | Director of Special Education

MAY 23- ACCESS/VR and JOB PATH– What is it and how does it impact my child’s transition?

  • Presentation | ARC of Monroe

- Election of Officers for 2018-19 school year

***Questions…….Please contact Lisa Latten @ llatten@autismup.org

Acronyms / Buzz Words

Acronym or Buzz WordsMeaning
504Section 504 of the 1973 rehabilitation Act: applies to students with milder disabilities than those served by CSE; educational modification plans
ADD Attention Deficit Disorder
ADHD Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
AIS Academic Intervention Service
APE Adaptive Physical Education
ASL American Sign Language
AT Assistive Technology
BIP Behavior Intervention Plan
BOCES Board of Cooperative Educational Services
BOE Board of Education
CAI Computer Assisted Instruction
CEC Character Education Committee
CIE Committee (or Council) for Instructional Excellence
CPSE Committee on Preschool Education
CRP Community Reading Partnership
CSE Committee on Special Education
CT Consultant Teacher
CTA Canandaigua Teacher Association
DARE Drug Abuse Resistance Education
DBQ Document Based Question
DEAR Drop Everything and Read
DIBELS Dynamic Indicators of Basic Early Literacy Skills
DSS Department of Social Services
ED Emotional Disability
EDM Everyday Math
ELA English Language Arts
ELL English Language Learner
ESY Extended School Year
FAPE Free Appropriate Public Education
FBA Functional Behavioral Assessment
FERPA Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act
Fluency Accuracy, pace, and expression of oral reading
GED General Education Diploma
GUMS Grammar, Usage, Mechanics and Spelling
ICT Integrated Co-Teaching
IDEA Individuals with Disabilities Education Act
IEP Individualized Education Plan
IHIP Individualized Home Instruction Plan
IST Instructional Support Team
KWL What do I know? What do I want to know? What have I learned?
LD Learning Disability
LEA Local Educational Agency
LEAP Local Educational Agency Program
LEP Limited English Proficiency
LRE Least Restrictive Environment
MST Math, Science, and Technology
MSV Meaning, Structure and Visual Clues when reading
NCLB No Child Left Behind
NSBA National School Boards Association
OHI Other Health Impairment
OI Orthopedic Impairment
OT Occupational Therapy
PFRM Parents for Reading and Math
Phonological Sound sequences of words
PINS Person In Need of Supervision
PPP Primary Prevention Project
PPS Primary Postal Service
PSWD Preschooler with a Disability
PT Physical Therapy
PTO Parent Teacher Organization
RTI Response to Intervention
SEDState Education Department
SEIT Special Education Itinerant Teacher
SIP School Improvement Team
SME Success Maker Enterprise Software
SSR Sustained Silent Reading
SSW Sustained Silent Writing
Stretch word out Sound it out
TBI Traumatic Brain Injury
UPK Universal Pre-Kindergarten Program
VESID Vocational and Educational Services for Individuals with Disabilities

Building and Field Trip Information


Primary-Elementary Handbook

Primary-Elementary School Supply List


Kindergarten teachers will ask the students' parents for supplies as needed.

1st Grade

  • 1 box of Tissues
  • 6 Glue Sticks
  • 1 4-pack of Fine Point Dry Erase Makers
  • 24 Sharpened Pencils
  • 1 box of Crayons
  • 2 Poly Folder 2-Pocket Folders with Fasteners
  • 1 container of Baby Wipes
  • 1 container of Disinfectant Wipes
  • 1 box of Gallon Size Plastic Baggies (Girls)
  • 1 box of Sandwich Size Plastic Baggies (Boys)
  • 1 roll of Paper Towels
  • 1 set of Headphones
  • 1 Art Smock
Please DO NOT label supplies. We share the supplies as a community in the classroom.

2nd Grade

Community Use Supplies:

  • 24-48 Sharpened Pencils
  • 2 Skinny Dry Erase Markers
  • 6 Glue Sticks
  • 1-2 boxes of Tissues for the Class
  • 2 Pink Block Erasers

Individual Supplies:

  • 1 package of 24 Crayons
  • 1 Scissors
  • 1 Yellow Highlighter
  • 1 box of Colored Pencils
  • 2 Single Subject Spiral Notebooks
  • 1 Art Smock with Name on it.
  • 1 Pencil Bag (NOT A BOX)
  • Headphones or Earbuds (Noise Reduction if Possible) for ChromeBooks

Extra Classroom Supplies:

  • 1 roll of Paper Towels for the Class - if you can.

Remember to practice your addition and subtraction facts!!!

Don't forget to read a couple of books!

3rd Grade

Community Use Supplies:

  • 48 Sharpened Pencils
  • 2-4 Skinny Dry Erase Markers
  • 2 Glue Sticks
  • 2 boxes of Tissues for the Class
  • 1 roll of Paper Towels for the Class
  • 1 package of Loose Leaf WIDE Ruled Paper

Individual Supplies:

  • 1 package of 24 Crayons
  • 1 Scissors
  • 2 Highlighters
  • 5 Plastic Colored Pocket Folders (1 of each, Blue, Red, Yellow, Green, and Purple)
  • 2 Notebooks (Single Subject)
  • 1 Art Smock/Old T-Shirt with Name on it
  • 1 Pencil Bag (NOT A BOX)
  • 1 Headphones (Noise Cancelling)

Please make sure your Child's name is on all of their school supplies!

Thank you!

4th Grade

  • 24 Sharpened Pencils
  • 1 package of Wide Ruled Notebook Paper
  • 1 Sturdy Folder
  • 6 Pocket Folders (preferable with tabs and colors Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Purple and Orange)
  • 1- 1" Binder with Pockets
  • 1 set of 5 "Write-On" Dividers
  • 1 Handheld Silent Pencil Sharpener
  • 1 set of Markers
  • 1 set of Crayons or Colored Pencils
  • 1 Highlighter
  • 1 Non-flexible Ruler (Standard and Metric Measurement)
  • Post-Its (1 3/8" by 1 7/8")
  • 4 Small Glue Sticks
  • Earbuds / Headphones
  • Scissors
  • Erasers
  • 1 package of Black Fine Point Dry Erase Markers
  • Supply Box (to hold pencils, crayons, etc.)
  • 1 Art Smock (Labeled with Child's Name)
  • 1 roll of Paper Towels
  • Wipes

Your Child's 4th Grade Teacher may require you to purchase a few more items. Those items will be listed in the letter your child will receive in August.

The supplies listed above may need to be replenished throughout the school year.

5th Grade

Please note: If you already have these items and they are in good condition, there is no need to purchase brand new materials. If you have extra supplies you are willing to donate to help families in need, they will be gladly accepted.

  • 1 package of Colored Pencils
  • 1 package Wide-Lined Notebook (Filler) Paper
  • 1 Pointed Tip Scissors
  • 6 Paper Pocket Folders With Inside Fastener Tabs: Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, and Purple
  • 1 Patterned "Fun" Folder
  • 1 box of Tissues
  • 24 Sharpened Pencils
  • 1 Large Eraser
  • 4 Glue Sticks
  • 3 packages of 3x3 Post-It Notes
  • 1 Single Subject Wide-Lined Spiral Notebook
  • 2 Highlighters
  • 2 Composition Books
  • 1 Blue and 1 Red Pen
  • 2- 4 Dry Erase Markers, and 1 Clean Old Sock to Hold Dry Erase Markers
  • 1 Hand Held Pencil Sharpener with Shavings Compartment
  • 1 Art Smock
  • 1 - 1 1/2" 3 Ring Binders with Pockets
  • 1 pair of Inexpensive Earbuds/Headphones
  • 1 Pencil Bag (NOT A BOX)

Your child's 5th grade teacher may require you to purchase a few more items. Those items will be listed in the letter your child will receive in August.

Thank you!

Field Trips

Kindergarten Bus Run

Kindergarten Bus Run and Orientation

August TBD, 2018

Parents will be riding the bus to the Primary Elementary School with their Kindergartner

8:35 - 8:45 Arrival

  • Parents drop Kindergartener at their classroom
    • There is a colored dot on your child’s bus tag. Follow the balloons of that color to get to the classroom.
  • Parents go to the Kindergarten Courtyard for a Meet & Greet Reception after dropping child off at the classroom.

8:55 - 9:20 Meet and Greet

  • Kindergarteners will be in the classroom with their teacher
  • Parents will enjoy a reception at the Kindergarten Courtyard
  • Please stop at the following tables to meet representatives and pick up important information:
    • Board of Education
    • Transportation Department
    • School Nurses
    • Cafeteria Staff
    • Support Services
    • Administration
    • YMCA
    • PTSA
    • Scouts

9:20-9:30 Dismissal

  • An announcement will be made for parents to pick up children from classroom and board bus to go back home.

If your child is not riding a bus to school, we encourage you to still come to the school on this day. Please come to the West Gibson St. Entrance. It is an opportunity for Kindergarteners to see the classroom and meet their teacher!


Middle School Supply List

6th Grade

General Supplies

  • 4 packages Sharpened #2 Pencils (pencils will need to be replenished throughout the year)
  • 1 package Colored Pencils
  • 1 dry erase marker (Expo Low Odor)
  • 2 box of tissues (to be given to double advisor for use throughout the year)
  • 3 highlighters (different colors)
  • 1 package of loose leaf paper
  • 1 Soft pencil case with 3 holes to go in binder
  • 1 White 1 ½ inch 3 ring binder


  • Red 1 ½ inch 3 ring binder
  • Red durable 2 pocket Folder, 3 hole punched
  • Red spiral notebook with 3 holes
  • TI-30XS Multiview scientific calculator (will need it for 7th grade as well - a 1 time purchase)


  • Blue 1 ½ inch 3 ring binder
  • Blue durable 2 pocket folder, 3 hole punched
  • 1 package of dividers

Science, SS, Technology

  • 1 Green durable 2 pocket folder 3 hole punched (Science)
  • 1 Yellow durable 2 pocket folder 3 hole punched (SS)
  • 2 packages of lined 3x5“ index cards- collected for class use
  • 1 Purple 2 pocket folder 3 hole punched (Technology)
  • 1 Black durable 2 pocket folder 3 hole punched (Homework)


  • 1 Year Full of Smiles and Positive Attitudes!

Note: Kids may want a basket for the top of their lockers to hold extra items (no larger than 10”x10”x10”). Rolling backpacks do not fit in the lockers.

7th Grade



GENERAL: Pens, pencils, erasers, loose leaf paper, plastic hand held pencil sharpener, head phones/ear buds, box of Kleenex (donation)

ENGLISH: One 1 ½” three ring binder with 3 dividers, 3pk of 3” X 3” sticky notes, 3 ring binder pencil pouch (10” X 7”)

ELA 7 : One pocket folder

FOREIGN LANGUAGE: French: One 2” three ring binder, dividers, paper

Spanish: One 2” three ring binder

HEALTH: One 3 ring binder (any size), loose leaf paper, pens and pencils

MATH: One 1 ½” or larger three ring binder with 2 or 3 dividers

Pencil pouch with 3 grommets with ability to clip into 3 ring binder

TI 30XS Calculator (solar is best)

All math classes require students to have a calculator. Please be sure your child has the correct type and model of calculator as classroom instruction will be specific to the calculator required. Let your child’s teacher know if financial assistance is needed.

SCIENCE: One 1” three ring binder, one pocket folder

SOCIAL STUDIES: 5 pocket folders with center fasteners to hold papers

TECHNOLOGY: One 1” three ring binder with 5 dividers, box of pencils

HOME & CAREERS: One 1 ½” three ring binder, 5 dividers, 3X5 index cards

PHYSICAL EDUCATION: gym shorts or sweats (no belts or buttons) T-shirt and sneakers that support your ankle and foot

8th Grade

All Classes: Pencils, pens (black or blue), erasers, and loose-leaf lined paper

Advisory: Box of tissues

  • Math: 1 – Three ring (1 ½” or 2”) binder
  • 3 – Dividers
  • 1 – Three ring pencil pouch to store calculator
  • 1 – TI-30 XS or 1 – TI-30XII Calculator (same calculator used in 7th grade)
  • Students taking the HIGH SCHOOL ALGEBRA course will be given an information sheet on the required calculator needed.
    • Loose-leaf paper is not needed for this class.
    • English: 5 – Colored pocket folders (green, red, purple, yellow, and blue)
    • 1 – Any kind of pocket folder
    • 1 – 3 Subject spiral notebook (college rule)
    • 1 – Five pack of (3x3) sticky notes
      • Loose-leaf paper is not needed for this class.
    • 1 - 1.5” 3-ring binder (any color)
    • Science: 1 – Three ring (2”) binder
    • 8 – Dividers
    • Social Studies: 4 – Different colored folders with fasteners.
    • French: 1 – Three ring (1 ½”) binder Spanish: 1 – Three ring (1 ½”) binder
    • 5 – Dividers 5 – Dividers
    • Earbuds/headphones Earbuds/headphones
    • Home & 1 – Three ring (1 ½”) binder
    • Health: 1 – Any size three-ring binder
    • Careers: 5 – Dividers

      Index cards (3 x 5)

      P.E. Gym shorts or sweats (no belts or buttons), t-shirt, and sneakers with back (tie or Velcro).


Field Trips

6th Grade

Camp Bristol Hills

Conservation Field Day - September TBD, 2018

8th Grade

Washington DC Trip

Welcome to 8th Grade

Time to start planning for our

8th Grade Trip to Washington, D.C.

May 10-12, 2018

To register, please download the form and send to:

1st Choice Educational Tours

P.O. Box 950

Batavia, NY 14021-0950

*All students going to DC MUST be registered through 1st Choice Educational Tours.

Fundraising Opportunities:

  • Holiday Sale
  • Walk-A-Thon
  • Spring Sale
  • Group Fundraiser (tbd)

For email updates, please email

Annual Fall Teambuilding Picnic

When: September TBD, 2018

Where: Baker Park

Our students will be participating in an 8th Grade Fall Teambuilding Picnic. We will depart the building and walk to Baker Park at approximately 10:00 a.m. and return to the building at 2:00 p.m. for regular dismissal. For the cost of $2.00, students will be provided a lunch with drinks and appropriate snacks. They should dress appropriately for the weather and for walking. A bus will be provided for those who aren’t able to walk the distance. In the event of rain, students will resume their normal class schedule.

Please sign the permission slip and have your son/daughter return the permission slip with $2.00 to their Social Studies teacher by Friday, September 15th. Students will not be able to attend if a signed permission slip is not turned in.

If there are any questions, please do not hesitate to call us at (585) 396-3880.

Thank you,

8th Grade Teachers


High School Supply List


All Students

Folders, pens, pencils, paper, flash drive, and student agenda


-3-ring binder, paper (Business Law, Business Computer Applications)

-Calculator, pocket folder (Accounting)

-Calculator, pocket folder (College Accounting)

-Pocket folder (Business Communications)

English and Foreign Language

Each teacher has different requirements for notebooks, which will be given to students during class.


General Supplies: 3-ring one-inch binder, ruler, graph paper, notebook paper, pencils, compass (Geometry).

All math classes require students to have a calculator. Please be sure your child has this calculator for the first week of school as it will be used in class and needed for homework. Please be sure your child has the correct type and model of calculator as classroom instruction will be specific to the calculator required for each math class. Let your child’s math teacher know if financial assistance is needed.

Below is the type of calculator that is used in each math course: Graphing Calculator model TI84 plus ($120.00*)

These calculators can be purchased at stores such as Wal-Mart, Target, K-Mart, Radio Shack (on-line only), Office Depot/Office Max, Staples, or on-line at www.TI.com (Texas Instruments). We suggest that you purchase these in early August to be able to take advantage of the back-to-school sales. However, be aware that several stores sell out as the first day of school approaches. *Prices are approximate.


Every student taking a Regents course will need to purchase a review book in addition to the lists below.

Living Environment

-3-ring notebook (2” or 3”)

-Binder dividers (some teachers request two packages)

-Two-pocket folder

-Pencils and pens

-Notebook paper

-Colored pencils


-15 cm (6") ruler

(Some teachers require an additional spiral notebook with paper, or a 1” 3-ring binder)

Earth Science

-Four function calculator (graphing calculators are not allowed on the Regents exam)

-3-ring binder (2")

-Binder dividers

-Notebook paper

-Pens and pencils

-Two pocket folder


- Functioning mechanical pencil with an eraser or two traditional pencils with erasers. Pens are not acceptable.

- 3-ring notebook (1” or 2”)

- Highlighter

- Composition notebook (black and white marbled)

- Scientific calculator: graphing calculators are not allowed on the Regents exam)


-Calculator (scientific or graphing)



-3-ring notebook

Chemistry in Action: 3-ring binder

AP Biology: Review book

Ecology: Composition book

Social Studies

General Supplies for ALL Social Studies classes: lined paper, pens/pencils, highlighters, colored pencils, erasers, and student agenda.

AP Global 9: 5 tab dividers, composition notebook, 1 subject spiral notebook

Global 9 (all): 1 ½”-2” Binder, 6 tab dividers, colored pencils

AP Global 10: 1 ½-2” Binders, 10 tab dividers with replaceable labels, index cards (3x5 or 4x6)

Global 10 (all):2” Binder, 10 tab dividers

US 11 (all): 1 ½-2” Binders, index cards (3x5 or 4x6), 6 tab dividers

APUSH: 2” Binder; 10 tab dividers, index cards (3x5 or 4x6)

Sociology: 2” Binder

Psychology: 2” Binder

IB/AP Psych: 2” Binder, 12 tab dividers

IB Econ I: 2” Binder

IB Econ II: 2” Binder

AP Econ: 2” Binder

AP Gov: 2” Binder

Technology Education

All Project Lead the Way (PLTW) Courses (IED, POE, DE, CIM, CEA, EDD)


-1.5” binder

Photography and Communications I & II

-USB storage device

Material Processing I and II, World of Technology, Manufacturing Systems, Transportation Systems



Visiting the Schools

You are required to stop first at the visitor reception desk of the building you are visiting. There you will receive a visitor's badge that must be displayed on your person while you are in the building. At the conclusion of your visit, your badge must be surrendered at the reception desk.

Teachers, guidance counselors and principals are always willing to meet with parents to discuss student concerns. If you wish to confer with a staff person, please phone ahead or send an e-mail to make an appointment. Please use the Staff Directory link at the top of the page for contact information.

students with chromebooks



Personal Information Privacy?

The district has the ability to remotely clear and lock the device so personal data cannot be accessed. The Chromebook would become unusable as it would be locked permanently.

Need Chromebook Help?

Middle School

The library will be the place for students go if the Chromebook is damaged, lost, they forget their Chromebook, or for any additional assistance.


The Student run help desk window next to the library will be the place for students go if the Chromebook is damaged, lost, they forget their Chromebook, or for any additional assistance.

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