Canandaigua Academy Athletic Hall of Fame


The Canandaigua Academy Athletic Hall of Fame was created to provide a forum to honor and provide permanent tribute to those individuals who have made significant contributions to athletics in Canandaigua, or who have left Canandaigua and gone on to make unusual contributions in the world of athletics.

Eligibility Criteria

  1. Attended Canandaigua Academy and participated in interscholastic athletics sponsored by the Canandaigua City School District for a minimum of two years OR
  2. Coached a Canandaigua City School District team or teams for a minimum of five years OR
  3. Made significant contributions to the students of Canandaigua Academy through interscholastic athletics OR
  4. Attended Canandaigua Academy and may not have necessarily participated in the sports program but has made significant contributions in the world of sports.
A ten year waiting period is required for induction from the time of graduation from the Academy