canandaigua city school district

Canandaigua City School District Nickname

Over the next several weeks, we will have three surveys to determine the new nickname for the Canandaigua City School District.

This important decision will be determined by our community (students, staff, families, community members, and alumni).


Community Forum hosted by Superintendent Farr on May 4, 2023

Listed below are the concepts selected by the stakeholder committee based on feedback received from community members. These images are not finalized and are designed to give you an idea of a logo concept for that nickname.

Additionally, there is an option to provide suggestions that are not already listed. The stakeholder committee will review and evaluate the suggestions provided for consideration in the next survey. Unrelated comments will be filtered. Trademark and copyright guidelines may impact the final decision. During each survey, email addresses will be collected for survey purposes only.

Please review the nickname concepts below and Click/Touch the image for a Rationale

Canandaigua (No Nickname)

We are proud of the place in which we live, Canandaigua. If we select this, we would simply be known as Canandaigua and could use the Block-C logo and may include our year of origin, 1791. 

Canandaigua Bears

Bears represent wisdom, leadership, and strength. Bears could adapt the name to different age levels. For example, Primary and Elementary students could be known as cubs.

Canandaigua Big Red

For many years, “Go Big Red” has been used as a rallying call at games. "Big Red" could be the official nickname and potentially use a lake monster image as a symbol.

Canandaigua Bison

The iconic Bison is a symbol of unity, resilience, healthy landscapes, and community. This proud animal would represent the traits to which we all aspire.

Canandaigua Cardinals

Cardinals are native to our area and they are known to be loyal, smart, and fierce. The bird’s natural colors pair nicely with our school colors, Cherry and Gray.

Canandaigua Cherry & Gray

Our colors will remain Cherry and Gray, therefore our colors could become our nickname. Variations of the block C and CA could be our symbol.

Canandaigua Courage

There was sentiment to shift to the “Brave” and focus on Bravery. Because “Brave” is not an option, another word to encompass bravery is “Courage.”

Canandaigua Hilltoppers

This idea is a nod to Fort Hill; the location of the original Canandaigua Academy. Our school buildings are positioned on the hill in relation to downtown and the lake.

Canandaigua Lakers

The lake is a cornerstone of our community and this potential new nickname would demonstrate the value of this beautiful, natural resource.

Canandaigua Pride

We often celebrate our success by saying we are “Canandaigua Proud.” Our vibrant community has deep pride in our history and traditions.

Canandaigua Waves

This combines the importance of the lake and water, along with power and strength. In the National Anthem, in the line before people have traditionally yelled “Braves” is the word “Wave.” 

Additional Suggestions

The survey allows for additional suggestions and rationale. The stakeholder committee will evaluate all relevant suggestions.

These images are not finalized and are designed to give you an idea of a logo concept for that nickname