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Current Capital Project

Canandaigua City School District voters overwhelmingly passed the capital project plan for security enhancements in school buildings throughout the District and significant improvements to athletics/physical education facilities at the high school and middle school in a public referendum on Tuesday, December 9th. The project totals $13.38 million.

Voters were strongly in support of both propositions under consideration.

Proposition 1 passed with a vote of 2,318 in favor and 599 against. Proposition 2 also garnered over 70% support. The tally for Proposition 2 was 2,057 in favor and 847 against.

The total vote of 2,917 is 18.2% of eligible voters in the District. The turnout was 5% higher than for the May, 2014, budget vote and Board of Education election. There are currently 15,999 registered voters in the Canandaigua City School District.

The District’s construction company, Turner Construction, oversees all work. The project scope is:

  • Security - Installation of door locking hardware and switches at all school buildings in the District
  • Toilet Facilities – Construction of a new public, exterior-access toilet facility at the Middle School in the building's footprint.
  • Academy Exhibition Field - Repair of drainage and irrigation infrastructure and installation of a new grass playing field.
  • Academy Track & Field – Installation of new all-weather track and drainage infrastructure that conforms to Section V competition specifications
  • Academy Tennis Courts - Repair of courts for physical education, team practice purposes and community use.
  • Middle School Tennis Courts – Construction of five new courts and rebuilding of the three existing courts to accommodate competitions at Varsity/JV level as well as Middle School Physical education activities.
  • Academy multi-purpose turf field - Construction of an all-weather artificial turf field below Exhibition Field on CA campus.
  1. Bleachers - 1,000 seat capacity to serve new field
  2. Field lighting
  3. Locker Room Facility - multiple access to serve Exhibition Field and new field
  4. Press Box
  5. Concession Stand - centrally located to serve Exhibition Field and new field
  6. Equipment Storage Facility - centrally located to serve both areas with competition and physical education equipment
  7. Public Rest Rooms - available from both areas
  8. North Road Access & parking Lot - Construction of new parking lot to serve the facility. The lot will be accessed from North Road.

The items above that carry an asterisk are not eligible for state aid. The District has so far taken pledges of over $1.125 million from private donors in the community to help defray the costs of non-aidable elements of the project.

The rest of the project qualifies for 73.2% state aid. It will be bonded over a 15-year period. The District will not bond the project until next year, thus the project had no impact on the 2017-2018 school operating budget proposal before voters on May 16, 2017.

On April 14, 2016, the Board of Education accepted a $50,000 donation toward the project and agreed to confer naming rights for the facility to that donor. That donor shall remain anonymous until unveiling of the name at the May, 2017 Grand Opening and dedication.

Athletic Exhibition Field and Tennis Courts

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