language translation symbol


Using Chrome

chrome icon
  1. Right click onto your screen.
  2. screen shot
  3. Choose Translate - The Translated box pops up - Choose Options
  4. Then choose Change Languages
  5. screen shot
  6. Options box appears - Click onto Translation Language and choose your preferred language from the scroll able list.
  7. screenshot
  8. You can also check the box to Always translate. If you choose not to check the box then the Translate box will pop up to ask you if you would like to translate the page with each new web page.

Chrome Option 2

  1. Upper right corner of screen - click on the 3 dots - then choose Settings. screenshot
  2. When Setting opens - scroll down to the Advanced to find Languages. Click onto Languages and Add Language to find a list of languages to choose from.
  3. screenshot
  4. Click onto the 3 dots to the right. Here you can move this language to the top to be your preferred language, be asked to translate pages in this language, and show Google Chrome in this language. It may ask you to Relaunch for these settings to take effect.
  5. screen shot

Using Internet Explorer

ie icon
  1. Using Bing, click onto the 3 bars in the upper right corner of the screen. Now select Settings.
  2. screen shot
  3. In Settings click onto Language then click onto Display Language. Choose your preferred language in the drop down scroll able list.
  4. screen shot
  5. Click Save at the bottom of the screen.
  6. screen shot

Using Safari

safari icon
  1. Click onto Safari in the upper left corner. Choose Safari Extensions.
  2. screen shot
  3. Choose Translate in the Safari Extensions. and Install it.
  4. After it is installed you will click on to the double arrows next to the URL address bar. You can choose your translator or click onto Automatic.
  5. screen shot
  6. This will take you to the Translate page. Choose Language tab and click onto Translate to. Choose your preferred language from the drop down scroll able list.
  7. screen schot
  8. You may have the default Bing Translator box appear to control your translations.
  9. screen shot