WPES- Canandaigua Primary-Elementary School

Each morning students at the Canandaigua Primary-Elementary School watch a broadcast of the daily announcements. The broadcast, titled WPES, features fifth-grade students as the news anchors. Second-grade students lead the pledge of allegiance and give the weather report. All fifth-grade students who want to participate can be part of WPES. Each classroom works on WPES for three weeks during the school year.

In order to work on WPES, fifth-grade students must complete a job application. As part of the job application, students must obtain a recommendation from an adult. Students must write out why they are qualified for the position and they rank which jobs they are interested in. WPES is organized by Mrs. Coleates and Mrs. Lambert.

WPES has six main jobs for fifth-grade students. Students can be anchors, the director, producer, teleprompter, camera operator, and script supervisor. Anchors are responsible for reading and speaking in front of the camera. The director is responsible for making sure everyone is ready to go. The director must communicate with others during the broadcast and is responsible for running the broadcast. The producer works with specialized video software. They are responsible for everything seen by the audience. The teleprompter is responsible for advancing the script during the broadcast. The camera operator's main responsibilities are to align the camera before and during the broadcast. The script supervisor works with Mrs. Coleates and Mrs. Lambert to write the script prior to the next broadcast.

Second-grade students lead the weather report and pledge of allegiance each day. Students report to WPES in the morning. They practice the broadcast and do a run through. They provide feedback to each other on the practice session and then record the broadcast. Once the broadcast is posted, classroom teachers at the Primary-Elementary School play WPES on their SMARTboards.

While Mrs. Coleates and Mrs. Lambert oversee the operation of WPES, students run WPES and train the next group of students. Pictured are students from Mrs. Polimeni's fifth-grade class and Ms. Hart's second-grade class. Two sets of students from Mrs. Polimeni's ran the broadcast for three weeks at the start of the 2018-2019 school year. Students trained the next student who had their job. The director from the first week worked with the second director make sure they understood what they had to do during the broadcast. WPES allows students to work on many different skills that will help prepare them for their future.


Camera Operator
Script Supervisor
Weather Kid (2nd grade)
Pledge of Allegiance