Foster Grandparents

The Canandaigua Primary School hosts five Foster Grandparents who volunteer their time to work with our students. Founded in 1965, as part of the Senior Corps program developed under President Lyndon Johnson, Foster Grandparents push into classrooms and volunteer fifteen hours a week to provide support to our students and teachers. The Wayne County Action Program organizes the volunteers and supports about fifty Foster Grandparents throughout Ontario, Seneca, Wayne, and Yates counties. With five foster grandparents, the Canandaigua City School District has the most “grandparents” in the program. 

Mr. Josh Mull and Grandma Juliette have been working together for six years in the primary art room. In the art room, the grandmothers give an extra hand whenever possible. Most importantly, they make connections with students through conversations. According to Mr. Mull, the program benefits our students and the grandparents. “Students who can benefit from some one-on-one attention really look forward to their time working with the ‘grandmas.’ Our grandmas are excellent at noticing frustration or sensing a little sadness. I know our students really benefit from the program. Our Foster Grandparents look forward to their time with colleagues and students at school. The structure, the excitement, and most of all, their positive impact on the overall art room community makes all the difference. Although we have expressed our appreciated for them in many ways, I do not know if they will ever truly understand the greatness their presence brings to our school culture. We are the luckiest!” 

Art teacher Pat Davis echoed similar sentiments to Mr. Mull, “Sometimes, students are not confident enough to voice their frustrations overcoming an art hurdle, or they are too shy to talk about what is bothering them. Grandma Donna has gotten students to open up and move past their challenges. There are are a lot of moving pieces in the art room, and having someone who knows the routines and procedures is invaluable. Also, they are a great resource to bounce ideas off. They provide new and valuable perspectives.”  

Grandma Donna praised the program as she stated, “It gives me purpose and I love this because my grandchildren live far away.” Thank you to our Foster Grandparents for volunteering in our classrooms! You are part of the Braves Family!


Mr Davis gives art instructions while Foster Grandparent Donna looks on