The Link Song

Retired Canandaigua teachers Kathy Eagan & Bill Mehls shared the story of the "Link" mural, the history of our school building, and local Native American stories with Kindergarten students today. Mrs. Eagan told the students a Native American folktale related to the "Turtle Island" mural behind her. After students eagerly listened to the story, Mr. Mehls led them in singing the "Link Song," which he and Mrs. Mehls wrote in 1990 when the building connecting the Canandaigua Primary School and the Canandaigua Elementary School opened.

According to the district publication, "200 Years of Learning," the bond for the Link addition was passed in December of 1988 (as part of the same project that built present-day Canandaigua Academy), and in September of 1990, the Link opened with new spaces for Canandaigua students to learn. The Link Song debuted in October 1990 at the "Linking Ceremony." During that ceremony, a student from each grade level spoke. A section of a great paper chain carrying each child's handprint was carried from each building and joined with a special golden link by Board of Education President Tarry Shipley.

Kindergarten students learn about "The Link"

The Link Song

Each of us is special,
Each of us is free,
Each of us has talents
From dance to carpentry,
I might be a teacher,
You might sail the sea,
But when we join together,
The world's a better place to be.

Hand in hand, together, hand in hand,
Joined together, we're a family,
We're a school, we're a land.
There's a wide world awaiting
For us to take a stand,
Let's link arms and face the future
Hand in hand.

Someone cleans the building,
Someone drives the bus,
Someone types letters,
Others cook for us,
There are leaders with the money
That the people of town have earned,
And parents, kids, and teachers work
So everyone can learn. Refrain.

I might live in a desert,
You might live in the rain,
He might live on a mountaintop
She on a frozen plain.
We're a world of many colors,
Folks of many faiths,
Let us lift our heads and join our hands
Make the world a better place. Refrain.