Money Management Guest Speaker

Retired Federal Bankruptcy Judge for the Western District of New York, Judge John Ninfo II, visited 8th-grade family & consumer sciences classes at the Canandaigua Middle School to discuss money management. For the past twenty years, Judge Ninfo has traveled around the country educating students about his program- Credit Abuse Resistance Education (CARE).

Judge Ninfo spoke about his experience as a Judge and how people with many different professions ended up in his bankruptcy court. Judge Ninfo encouraged students to understand the value of money, how credit cards and interest work, and to search out deals for products by shopping at discount stores. Another critical point was discussing unit price and making sure students understand how much they are pay per ounce or a gallon of something. He noted that paying attention to your money and budget takes some work and it is never to start thinking about money management early.

Judge Ninfo visits CMS