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When you think of the word character, several different images might be conjured. Here in the Canandaigua City School District, a person of high character is said to exhibit certain traits. These traits are listed above are displayed throughout the Middle School to remind our students what it takes to be a


The "Be a BRAVE" program allows staff and community members to recognize students who are "caught" showing one or more of the traits for good character. Each time a student is nominated, his/her name is posted in the hallway under the title BRAVE. In addition, a copy of that posting is mailed home along with a letter recognizing the act as something that helps make our school and community a better place to be. All students caught being a BRAVE will also be given a bumper sticker to let everyone know in and around town that they are a BRAVE! Also that student’s school photo will be placed on our Middle School web page.

BRAVES Award Winner!

Abby Cangemi
8th grader, Abby Cangemi

Nominated for "Offered to give a less fortunate student her old phone."


BRAVES Award Winner!

Matt Keefe
8th grader, Matt Keefe

Nominated for "Showed a new student around for a couple days."


BRAVES Award Winner!

Jakob Kniffin
8th grader, Jakob Kniffin

Nominated for "Helped a student who was getting picked on."


BRAVES Award Winner!

Lyllian McMillin
8th grader, Lyllian McMillin

Nominated for "Tried to help a student with math."


BRAVES Award Winner!

Hayley McPherson
8th grader, Hayley McPherson

Nominated for "Turned in money she found in the hallway."


BRAVES Award Winner!

RJ Spurling
8th grader, RJ Spurling

Nominated for "Found a wallet and turned it in."


Nominate a BRAVE Today

Each school day, our Middle School students are reminded to "Be a BRAVE". It means supporting the five character traits, doing the right thing, sticking up for each other and challenging each other to be the best we can be.

As an adult, you might know a Middle School student who you believe deserves the BRAVE accolade. We know how many students act like a BRAVE each day out of school, too.

So, if you would like to nominate a BRAVE, please use this online form to make sure they are recognized.

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