6th Grade

john arthur

Mr. Arthur


Camp Bristol Hills

The sixth grade outdoor education experience is a Canandaigua tradition!!!

All sixth grade students get the opportunity to go to Camp Bristol Hills overnight. The experience is a community effort involving parents, teachers and a variety of community volunteers. We go out to the camp and leave all technology behind. Students learn about their environment first hand with a variety of environmentally based classes and also have a lot of fun. They have a chance to fish, catch frogs, and play different games with their classmates. There is nothing like the smile on a kids face when they catch their first fish!

It takes a huge number of volunteers to make this program work! All of our sixth grade teachers and support staff pulled together and planned awesome activities for the students. It impresses and amazes me how well everyone worked together to pull off this unforgettable camp experience for our students.

students with nets in pond for conservation field trip

6th grade Conservation Field Trip at Camp Bristol Hills

I’m so glad to have the outdoor education program for our students. It brings smiles, first experiences, bonding with the environment and peers, and some good old fashioned fun.
Pam Welch