Upcoming Pop-up Breakfast Dates:

  • Middle School - Wednesday, October 19 - Omelet Bar
  • Elementary School - Wednesday, October 26 - Parfait Bar
  • Primary School - Thursday, November 3 - Waffle Bar
  • Academy - Thursday, November 10 - Omelet Bar
  • Middle School - Thursday, November 17 - Bagel Bar
  • Academy - Thursday, December 1 - Waffle Bar

Omelet Bar- tomatoes, ham, American cheese, cheddar cheese, onions, peppers, mushrooms, spinach, feta

Bagel Bar- whole eggs, ham, sausage, onions, tomatoes, American cheese, mozzarella cheese, hummus

Parfait Bar- granola, yogurt, strawberry sauce, blueberry sauce, cinnamon

Waffle Bar- whipped cream, strawberry sauce, blueberry sauce, syrup

Cost:  Students $1.80  Adults $2.90 (includes tax); daily breakfast rates apply and the meal is eligible free/reduced meals

Food Service Information

Geoffrey Fasy,  Director of Food Service
Jeff Sabin,  Account Clerk

Email: - Phone (585) 396-3742

The schools provide the opportunity for a nutritious breakfast and lunch for each child every school day. On a typical school day, breakfast and lunch are served to over 2000 students, faculty and staff.

boy with breakfast tray


boy with breakfast tray