Lakeshore Drive Banners

zoe rodriguez and storie blazak banners
kaylie reinhart and keira parsons banners
laine havens and adilicia gulick banners
porter lainson and olivia dramer banners
kiwanis and meredith kane banner
emma arnaud and rotary banner
lily debrock and leo walker banners
braydon manaco and annika roof banners
The latest edition of Canandaigua’s community banners are now displayed along Lakeshore Drive.

In what has become a local tradition, every few years, a collaboration of Canandaigua community members creates a new series of banners to adorn the city. This project highlights the works of Canandaigua City Schools' Visual Arts students; however, this undertaking would not be a success without the support of Ellen Polimeni, Rotary, Kiwanis, the city of Canandaigua and the Visual Arts teachers. 

For this series, you will see the top of the banner representing the theme “Our Community.”  Earlier in the 2019-2020 school year, Visual Arts teachers posed the question to select K-12 art students, “How would you represent the idea of community?” The young artists reflected on this topic and came to solutions completely their own. You will see their interpretations were vast, colorful and unique.

When you encounter these inspiring works of art, you may notice there are no titles explaining the imagery.  This was purposeful.  Without a title, it gives the viewer an opportunity to look closely at the composition and come to their own conclusions.

Now that you see what community means to these students, perhaps you can ask the same of yourself “What does community mean to me?”