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Jim Simmons, Athletic Director, Sets Retirement

Jim Simmons


Mr. Simmons came to the Canandaigua City School District with experience from Bloomfield. He began his career as a Brave, working in the Social Studies Department in 1999. Before becoming Director of Athletics, Mr. Simmons coached track, volleyball, and football. Mr. Simmons was quickly appointed to an Assistant Principal position at the Academy before ascending to his current position as the Director of Athletics in 2002.

As the Director of Athletics, Mr. Simmons coordinates fall, winter, and spring athletic programming as well as extensive off-season training which has been a staple of our highly successful athletic program for many decades. In 2014, the district voted to begin the construction of the new Braves Field. Mr. Simmons was an integral voice in the project. Completed in 2018, Braves Field is a centerpiece of the district and this community. This major project would not have been as successful as it has been if not for the input of Mr. Simmons on its design.

The demands of a Director of Athletics are great. Whether answering to the commitment of athletes with ambitious dreams, or working with coaches who are driven and tireless in pursuit of their passions, Mr. Simmons has been there in support to guide the process. Whether it is raining, or snowing, or the sun is blistering, or whether the contest is local or in another part of the state, Mr. Simmons has been there, proudly, as a Brave and a leader. Whether it is an early morning practice or a late night meeting or competition, Mr. Simmons has been there, showing up for others. Support and showing up for others have been defining qualities of who Mr. Simmons is as a person and as a leader. Throughout his tenure as Director of Athletics he has, at every turn, led by these examples. Dedicating over twenty years as a Director of Athletics is a rarity and we are grateful for Mr. Simmons’ dedicated and steady leadership for over two decades.

Congratulations and thank you to Mr. Simmons for his work for our students and our community. You are the embodiment of our mission, “One Community, Transforming Lives.”

Details on the process and timeline for posting and selecting a new Director of Athletics will be communicated in the coming weeks.

With Canandaigua Pride,

Jamie Farr