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2nd Semester - begins Feb. 1, 2021

Distribution of Semester Two Learning Preference Survey: Tuesday, November 17 at 3 p.m.

A brief survey will be sent per child to guardians through BravesSquare. This survey will allow you to switch the learning preference for the second semester. The choices are in-person (hybrid) or virtual. It is important that we receive this information so we can plan for the second semester. Thank you!

  • This learning preference survey needs to be completed only if the learning preference is changing.
  • The two choices for the second semester are in-person or virtual. Our in-person learning model will remain hybrid - students learning in-person two days and remotely three days.
  • Please complete the survey by 3 p.m. on Tuesday, November 24. The second semester starts on February 1, 2021.

Changing learning preferences at the Primary-Elementary School would lead to a change in classroom teacher. At the secondary level, grades 6-12, there may be a change in teachers of classes due to the learning preference change.

Canandaigua City School District

Choose one of the following preferences for the second semester (If it is different from current selection):


Preference #1

Virtual Learning

Online learning regardless of which level of in person learning occurs

100% of instruction is remote for the 2nd semester

Monday - Friday

Expectations for assignments, deadlines, authentic grading, and assessments will align with in-person instruction.




Preference #2

In-Person Learning

Families choose in-person learning and follow the guidance of NYS


UPK - 12 Hybrid Learning

Last Name - A - K In-Person Mon., Tues. - Remote Wed., Thurs, Fri.
Last Name - L - Z In-Person Thurs., Fri. - Remote Mon., Tues., Wed.

8:1:1 & 12:1:1 special education students, ELL students, and CACC students report Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday

If you are choosing in-person, we are currently using the hybrid model. 

If directed by NYS to close school building(s), in-person learners shft to:

UPK - 12 Remote Learning

Schools are closed or students are absent due to illness or quarantine, learning must take place at home, Monday-Friday

If NYS Social distancing restrictions and COVID-19 Infections rates improve:  

UPK - 12 In-Person Learning

Students return to school building and follow NYS guidance related to social distancing , Monday-Friday