canandaigua city school district

2023 Retirees

On Monday, June 12, the Board of Education honored the 2023 retirees. These 19 individuals have over 400 years of combined experience in education.

In his remarks, Mr. Jamie Farr, Canandaigua Superintendent of Schools, said, “We recognize our Canandaigua City School District retiree class of 2023. As has been stated many times previously, anyone who works in the field of education is an educator in one fashion or another. We have retirees from every department represented. Either you are explicitly and directly educating our children or you are leading by example and demonstrating how adults are hard working, compassionate, empathetic, and insightful. It is with distinct pleasure that we recognize this year’s retirees.”

We certainly are not ready to say goodbye to our retirees while simultaneously we are excited for what lies ahead for each of them. Our retirees have earned a happy, healthy, and long retirement. So instead of “goodbye,” we say “until we meet again.”

retirees for 2023

Congratulations to our retirees!

Michael Allen
Kimberly Broderick-Webb
Debora Bowen
Lisa Carro
Anne Ceddia
Krista Coleman
Susan Friend
Michele Goldman
Peter Jensen
Elizabeth Johnson
Catherine Kelley
D.J. Kitzel
Linda Miles
Tamara Moore
Rose Rhode
James Simmons
Deborah Springer
Cay-Lee Sick
Paula Traber
Pamela Welch
Lorin VanNostrand