Experience and research confirm that our schools and students benefit greatly from the contributions of volunteers. School volunteers were particularly important during the last few years of severe budget limitations.

Our volunteers strengthen an already vibrant educational program, contributing hundreds of hours of assistance monthly in the District's various volunteer programs. These include classroom volunteers, clerical support for teachers, cross-age programs offering opportunities for middle school and Academy students to work with younger students, career day presentations, career shadowing and professional partnerships.

In addition, various community organizations and businesses support the schools with special grants or in-kind contributions, and professional expertise.

How to Volunteer: Contact the main office of the individual school where you wish to volunteer:

Primary -Elementary School (gr. UPK-2): (585)396-3930
(gr. 3-5): (585)

Middle School (gr. 6-8): (585)396-3850

Canandaigua Academy (gr. 9-12): (585)396-3800

Or you may contact the Canandaigua PTSA via e-mail at canandaiguaptsa@gmail.com
Or call the Superintendent’s Office at (585)396-3710.

We'd love to have you here!

Volunteer Annual Service Award

The Board of Education created the Volunteer Service Award to recognize the extraordinary commitment of a person who has served our district in a voluntary capacity. Nominations are sought for those who have served throughout the year in a major undertaking, or in several smaller events, or who provided continual service over several years.

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The 2017-2018 Volunteer Service Award was presented to Mr. Karl Dueland. He is a senior Xerox Engineer who has been a lead mentor to CA’s 3003 Tan(x) Robotics Team for the past decade.

Mr. Dueland was nominated by Robotics Team Advisor and Technology teacher Steven Schlegel. Steve says:

“Karl Dueland is the “Founding Father” of our Tan(x) team and has played a key volunteer role each year since. Through his contribution bringing this club to life ten years ago, he has empowered students to become leaders and achieve a higher level of knowledge than they ever thought they could.

“It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of designing, building and competing that comes with FIRST Robotics. Sometimes so much so that we, as mentors, need to step back and remember it’s all about the kids, and to let the kids take charge. Karl never hesitates to speak up and remind the mentors to empower the kids to do it, and not do it for them. He makes sure everything happens for a reason, and that decisions made are those of a team and not an individual.

“The team has competed at 17 regional events and one World Championship, each of which has created lasting memories and critical practical experience for our students. This year, Karl, who has often used his own personal vacation days to work with students both building robots and advising them at competitions, helped connect the cycle of sustainability for the club, as he recruited one of the team’s very first alumni to come back as a mentor himself. He has also helped ensure continuity within the club, helping interested underclassmen become ready to take over key positions when seniors graduate and move on to college.

“Karl’s connection between the school community and the corporate world doesn’t end with robotics. He has been a important member of the District’s Educational Enrichment Fund committee and is able to contribute insights as a parent, a community member and as an expert with a business/technical/industry background. Good citizenship and the strength of volunteerism is exemplified by Karl Dueland.”

The Canandaigua City School District salutes Mr. Karl Dueland with the 2018 Volunteer Service Award.

Thank you!