All events and performances are under the supervision of the Theatre Manager. All stage machinery and systems must be operated by the house staff and crew.

The school district grounds are a no smoking and drug free zone. No alcoholic beverages may be brought onto the grounds or into the buildings.

Food and beverages may not be brought into the theatre, stage or back stage. House concessions are located in lobby.

The facility is available for rent by not-for-profit and /or community organizations only. To reserve the theatre, call or e-mail the theatre manager, a building use form will be mailed to you.

Insurance certificates and Flame Proof Certificates if applicable, must be furnished to the Theatre Manager before facility use.

Exempt organizations tax certificates and not-for-profit status must also be filed with the Theatre Manager.

Front-of-house will open 1/2 hour prior to curtain. A change in this policy must be cleared with the Theatre Manager.

General Information

Ticketing is available for reserved or general admission seating. ( Extra Charge) See attachment for FOH Floor Plan.

HANDICAPPED ACCESS: All area of the theatre and backstage are accessible. House has cut out for wheel chairs. Parking lot has handicap slots and ramps to sidewalks. Building has automatic doors to lobby.

EMERGENCY NUMBERS Must be preceded by 8 for calls made within the building.

PARKING: South parking lot for 700 cars at main entrance to the side of the building. North Parking Lot for 150 cars. All parking lots have handicapped locations.

REHEARSAL ROOMS: One large room across hall from stage. Other rooms available by request. Dance Studio with Barres and Mirrors. All additional rooms subject to availability.

DRESSING ROOMS: Available subject to availability.(Shared by Music Department)

Management and Crew

HOUSE MANAGER: Patricia Kelley


STAGE MANAGER'S CONSOLE: Located DSR adjacent to fly rail. Can be used for ASM with SM operating from control room at the rear of the theatre. Console contains: cue light system for stage and fly rail, paging system for all dressing rooms and intercom system to all positions. Unison stage managers lighting control, 6 captures. Location has a clear view of the stage and access to all public areas, dressing rooms and shops.

STAGE PHONE: (585)396-3834

SCENE SHOP: (585)396-3800 ext 4151

BOX OFFICE PHONE: (585)396-3978

UNION: Closest Rochester IATSE Local # 25 585-987-5898 Tom Mason

STAGEHANDS: Academy Production Crew, 20
Members, Crew Stewards: Sierra McGee, Kasey Ackerman

HOUSE STAFF: Adult Production Crew Staff, 6 Members

MISC. STAFF: Wardrobe, Music, Box Office, Property, Carpentry Available


Chairs: Quantity: 61 Wenger Performance Chair Color: Black

Stands: Quantity: 72 Manhasset Color: Black

Stand Lights: 45 and Snakes for AC

Conductor Podium: 30 X 30 Carpeted in Blue 8 3/4” H

SOUND SHELL: Wenger Side shell 5’ Wide X 10’ High 6 Sections

Wenger Versalite Platforms: 8”,16”,24”,32” Legs available for all.
6-4 X 8
1-4 X 6
2-4 X 4
2-3 X 8

Wenger Risers with Telescoping Folding Legs:

: Stair units available to use with risers.

DANCE FLOOR: None (Marley Can Be Rented)

1- White oak with mic gooseneck.
1- Rose Art Deco Style w/ Lectern Mic*

1- Genie personnel lift to 45' (300 Lbs. max)
1- 12' A Frame ladder
1-14' A Frame ladder

2-10' A Frame Ladders
1- FOH seat cradle for personnel lift for box boom focus
( lift and ladders to be used by theatre staff only)

7' Yamaha Grand Piano use in pit

1-6' Kwai Grand Piano for Stage use
7-Yamaha upright pianos
1- Kwai 6' Grand Pianos

( Piano use and moving requires advance notice and Permission of theatre manager, Grand Piano Moving must be done by Piano Movers)


4 Large rooms 1-40’ X 80’, 1-38’ X 48', 2- 30 X 40’
6 Dressing Rooms and with mirrors and piano
1 Warm-up room 14' X 14' with grand piano
Men's and women's restrooms at end of dressing room hall w/showers and lockers.
IRONS: 5 Consumer steam irons
IRONING BOARDS: 2 Consumer type
Commercial washer, Milnor front loading, 50 lb. capacity.
Commercial dryer, Speed Queen front loading, 60 lb. capacity
Located across hall from dressing rooms.
RACKS: 4-6’ Garment racks on wheels
QUICK CHANGE AREAS: Can be arranged.

NOTE: Props and wardrobe may be left on premises and secured. Canandaigua City School District is not responsible for loss or damage to props, wardrobe, scenery and any other materials belonging to the renter and stored on school premises. All goods must be removed immediately following performances.


STAGE DIMENSIONS: See attached floor plan
Proscenium: Height--19' 6" Width--44' 0" Depth--1' 0"
Stage Depth: Plaster line to US wall--28' 7". Apron--9' 6". Total depth with permanent stage extension 38'0". Extra charges may apply for removal of 4' extension.
Stage Width: 80' 5" Wing Space SL--18' 4" Wing Space SR--13' 8" No obstructions
Grid Height: Deck to bottom of grid--45' Maximum Trim--42' Underhung Grid ( NO WALKING SURFACE)
Orchestra Pit: Depth--4' 0" Width--50' Elevator--NONE
Stage height from house floor: 4' 0"
STAGE FLOOR: Apron--Oak painted black
Stage Deck--Yellow pine painted black
HOUSE SOFT GOODS: All manually powered
House border: Burgundy Velour, 58' W X 6' H w/swags
House curtain: Burgundy Velour fly, 58' W X 20' H
12 Black Velour 22H X 10' W with fullness
5 Black Commando 22’ H X 10’ W Flat Panel W/ pipe pocket and pipe
Borders: 5 Black Commando 55’ W X 10’ H Flat Panel W/ pipe pocket and pipe
Full stage:
3 Black Commando drops flat panel , 50' W X 20' H W/ pipe pocket and pipe.
(Traveler tracks are available, extra charge may apply)
1 white bleached muslin drop (Picture sheet) 55' W X 19’ H
1 Black scrim, 55' W X 22' H
1 White scrim, 55' W X 22' H
Crossover--8' wide US hallway with terra-cotta tile floor (carpeting available) 6' wide double door upstage left.
House access--Front of house at each end of orchestra pit and at rear between loge sections
Shop location--Upstage right across hall from stage, through equipment room.
Overhead doors from stage to hall and hall to shop, 8' W X 11' H upstage right.
Loading door from street level to SL, 8' W X 12' H
Driveway outside loading door with room for 1- 53' trailer
Working height of battens:
High trim--42'
Low trim--6'
Batten length--55'
Diameter--1 1/2"
# Lift lines--6
Type of system--Single purchase, manual counterweight
Available weight--23,000 lbs. Location--Loading bridge and scene shop
Loading gallery access via ladder DSR proscenium wall
Pin rail--bottom of fly rail with 10 spot line pix for cable and boom tie off.
Grand Valance is on Counterweighted Pipe -1 DS of Proscenium. Max. load 350 lbs.
FSFire Safety curtain0'4"42'2250 lbs.
1House Curtain1"0"38'1250 lbs.
2Pipe1'8"42'1250 lbs.
3First Electric3'0"38'1750 lbs.
4Pipe3'8"42'1250 lbs.
5Pipe4'4"42'1250 lbs.
6Pipe5'0"42'1250 lbs.
7Pipe5'8"42'1250 lbs.
8Picture Sheet
(19' H x55' W)
7'0"42'1250 lbs.
9Pipe7'8"42'1250 lbs.
10Pipe8'4"40'1750 lbs.
11Second Electric9'0"42'1250 lbs.
12Pipe10'4"42'1250 lbs.
13Pipe11'0"40'1750 lbs.
14Pipe12'4"42'1250 lbs.
15Pipe13'0"42'1250 lbs.
16Pipe13'8"40'1250 lbs.
17Pipe14'4"42'1250 lbs.
18Pipe15'0"42'1250 lbs.
19Third Electric16'4"38'1750 lbs.
20Pipe17'8"42'1250 lbs.
21Pipe19'0"42'1250 lbs.
22Pipe20'4"40'1750 lbs.
23Pipe21'8"42'1250 lbs.
24Pipe23'0"42'1250 lbs.
25Pipe23'8"42'1250 lbs.
26Pipe24'4"40'1750 lbs.
27Pipe25'0"42'1250 lbs.
28Pipe25'8"42'1250 lbs.
29Pipe26'4"42'1250 lbs.
30Pipe27'0"42'1250 lbs.
FLOOR PLAN OF HOUSE: Seating for 976 Patrons (See attachment)
Seating consists of orchestra and loge:
Orchestra Right, 246 seats, Rows B-U ( No row “I” or “O” )
Orchestra Center, 255 Seats, Rows C-V ( No row “I” or “O” )
Orchestra Left, 244 Seats Rows, B-U ( No row “I” or “O” )
Loge Right, 55 Seats, Rows V-Z
Loge Center, 67 Seats, Rows W-BB (All seats have flip top lap desks)
Loge Left, 71 Seats, Rows V-Z
Overflow HL 13 Seats, HC 12 Seats, HR 13 Seats

House has a cross aisle at rear of orchestra seating in front of loge seating which is stepped in stadium fashion.

The Auditorium is handicapped accessible. Slots are available for wheel chairs, Orchestra Center and Orchestra Left at Cross Aisle.


POWER: House racks--3 phase 800 amps. Company switch--3 phase 200 amps USR w/ CAM-LOCKS

DIMMERS: House Rack 192 2.4K ETC Sensor

CONTROL BOARDS: 1-ETC Element Console,

HOUSELIGHTS: Feed from house rack. Circuits 176-192.

CIRCUITS: Plugging strips all electric pipes,
Stage- pin connectors flush mount.
Coves- 12” pig tail pin connectors.

FOH Cove # 1 closer to stage, 30’ throw divided into three sections:
SR section dimmers 109-120 from SL
C section dimmers 97-108 from SL
SL section dimmers 85-96 from SL

FOH Cove # 2 further from stage, 40’ throw divided into three sections
SR section dimmers 79- 84 from SL
C section dimmers 73-78 from SL
SL section dimmers 67-72 from SL

FOH BOX BOOM PIPES, 30’H located each side of house 40’ from stage, mult-circuiting

Apron Booms, Located on each side of house. 6 Circuits Each. A and B Soco

STAGE (2 Connectors per Dimmer ,all dimmers start from SR go to center and repeat from center to SL)

First Electric, Pipe #3, 3’ from plaster-line, dimmers 7-24
Second Electric, Pipe #11, 11’3” from plaster, dimmers 37-54
Third Electric, Pipe #19, 17’ from plaster, dimmers 25-36

Proscenium Pocket SL dimmers 1-3
SR dimmers 4-6
Drop Boxes: DSR, dimmers 61-63 from top, 2 connectors each
USR, dimmers 64-66 from top, 2 connectors each
DSL, dimmers 55-57 from top, 2 connectors each
USL, dimmers 58-60 from top, 2 connectors each

Socapex Panel UR Wall: 9 Connectors, 6 Circuits each.
A- 121-126, B- 127-132, C- 133-138, D- 139-144
E- 145-150, F- 151-156, G- 157-162, H- 163-168, J- 169-174.


24 Colorado 1Tri-Tour LED
6 Altman Shakespeare 20 degree lekos, 750 EHG
92 ETC Source Four 26 Degree Lekos HX 600 575 Watt
54 Altman Par Cans, 1K all w/ WFL Lamps some VNSP Lamps Available
20 Altman 8” Fresnels, 1K BVT

Follow Spots: 4 1KL 12 Degree with Iris Throw From 1st cove.

10- 10 Degree Barrels for Source Four Lekos
15- 36 Degree Barrels for Source Four Lekos
15- 19 Degree Barrels for Source Four Lekos
28 7 1/2" X 7 1/2" Top Hats
20 6 1/2" X 6 1/2" Top Hats Flocked Inside
Color frames for all instruments
Gobo Holders for Lekos Available
Safety cables for all instruments


40 Y- Two-fers, #12 wire, stage pin connectors
10 50’ # 12 Stage SO cable, stage pin connectors
35 10’ # 12 Stage SO cable, stage pin connectors
18 50’ 6 circuit mults, including 9 Break-ins and outs w/ stage pin connectors
All mults have Veam connectors
Misc. # 14 jumpers and cables*.


Projection to full stage screen or small screens. Video projector with computer, DVD - front projection. Ether-net connection for network and internet capabilities from lectern in pit or on stage.

Extra charges may apply for use of some equipment. *Some of the listed equipment
is not owned by CCSD and subject to availability.

Local Theatre Rental Supplies: Applied Audio (585)272-9280


HL Apron 2 EV Cabinet and Dual 18" Sub Cabinet L/R
HR Apron 2 EV Cabinet and Dual 18" Sub Cabinet L/R

Crest FA 1201 1000 Watt Channel Amp for Mains
QSC PLX 3602 Amp for Mains
QSC PLX 3602 Amp for Sub Woofers L/R


Yamaha M 2500
56 Mono input channels
14 Aux. Sends
8 Sub groups
Parametric EQ
128 Mute Scenes
Phantom power per channel
13 X 8 Submix Matrix

DBX DriveRack 260. Main Speaker Management System
1 Alesis 31 band EQ M-WQ-230 Stereo Insert 3 and Insert 4
DBX 2231 Dual 31 band EQ Insert 1 and Insert 2
Digitech TSR-24 Effects Processor
Ashley CL52E Dual Channel Compressor/Limiter

2-Klipsch KP 2002 Speakers
6- EV SX100 Speakers

50 XLR/3 50' Cables
16 Channel Snakes,1-50' 1-100'

8- Audio Technica U853R Hanging Mics
8- Audio Technica Pro 37 Condensor Mics
5- Crown PCC 160 Floor Mics
3- Audio Technica P48
3-Shure MX391C Floor Mics
21-Shure SM 57 Mics
16-Shure SM 58 Mics
1-Shure Beta 52A
1-Shure Drum Mic Kit
20-Shure ULX wireless Mics. 20 Lavs and 4 Hand Helds

Mix position: 48 Channel XLR hardwired to SL.
12 Channel XLR hard wired to SR.
# 1-3 Spaced along Pit Wall
4-7 SR Proc. Wall
8-11SL Proc. Wal
12 House pocket at cross aisle

20-Boom Stands

Telex Intercom System and Wireless
Headset Number: 20
Type: ClearCom CC300

1 Stage Manager Station SR
1 Fly Rail SR
1 Loading Bridge SR
1 FOH Cove # 1
1 Conductor Pit Center
1 SL Station
2 Mix Position FOH
5 Lighting / Control Booth. (2- FS Ops, 1- SO, 1-LBO, 1-SM.)
Wireless: 8 Belt packs (AA Batteries Purchase)

Location: SR Stage Managers Station
Inputs Used- Stage Manager send to dressing rooms. Stage sound send to dressing rooms.

Video Feeds located at SL and SR Proscenium.
Video feed to back crossover hall.
Video feed to Chorus Room (Green Room)

The mix position is located in the rear of the loge SL seating of the house @ 90’ from the stage apron.

The mix location contains connections to house patch and includes the FX components and wireless rack.

The house amplifiers and Monitor Amplifier is rack mounted in the Stage Managers desk SR as is the stage portion of the house patch.

The house speakers are located in three positions; EV cabinets are positioned one each on the apron SL and SR, stage deck level. All speaker locations are unobstructed and hard wired to the house amplifier in the Stage Managers desk.

The mix position has a dedicated 20 amp circuit available, single gang.

academy theatre

Canandaigua Academy Theatre

435 East Street Canandaigua, NY 14424
Phone Number: (585)396-3978
Fax: (585)396-3806

Theatre Manager
Matthew Rodgers