Teerlinck breaks Eliaszewskyj’s 24 year old Canandaigua Academy Record in the 100m Breaststroke

On Thursday, February 10, 2022, Canandaigua Academy Senior Nathaniel Teerlinck broke the Canandaigua Academy 100 yard breaststroke record. The previous record of 59.17 was set by Canandaigua Academy Sports Hall of Famer Mychajlo Eliaszewskyj. Eliaszewskyj, now a Battalion Commander in the US Army, had been cheering on Nate from afar and we interviewed both of them to reflect on their time at Canandaigua Academy and being part of the CA Boys’ Swimming & Diving Team.

Mychaljo Eliaszewskyj, Canandaigua Academy Class of 1998


Nathaniel Teerlinck, Canandaigua Academy Class of 2022

Interviewed by Caroline Chapman

mychaljo eliaszewskyj with troup

Mychaljo Eliaszewskyj in center

myshaljo eliaszewskyj swimming in 1996






Who were some of your favorite teachers when you attended CA?

Mr. Kevin Wall  - Biology
Mr. Fletcher  - Spanish
Mr. Leogrand  - Computer Assisted Design, Engineering
Mr. Rensberger - Physics, Engineering
Mrs. Albright - English composition
Mr. Cosman - Earth Science
Mrs. Bottorf - French
The fellow student body, always teaching me new and more efficient methods of learning.

Who are your favorite high school teachers?

Undeniably, Mr. Dermody and Mr. McLaughlin. Both were so kind and understanding during the years of uncertainty caused by COVID, but they are also just good people who I hope to model one day. Some more teachers who I enjoyed my time with as well were Mr. Gioseffi and Mr. Ducharme.

Where did you attend college?

United States Military Academy at West Point

What are your future plans?

I hope to study Earth and Atmospheric science at college, and I am undecided on where I am going. I also plan on swimming in college. After college, I have no idea. I think it would be cool to study the climate, become a meteorologist, or something along those lines.

What have you been doing since graduating from college?

Traveling the world, experiencing new cultures. I am an Infantry Officer and currently serve as the Battalion Commander for 3rd Battalion, 47th Infantry Regiment. My responsibilities include the professional and personal development of 54 fellow Officers, 223 Non-Commissioned Officers, and 1,328 junior enlisted Infantry Soldiers.

What advice do you have for Nate and the current Canandaigua swimmers?

The lessons you will learn from swimming; hard work, perseverance, delayed gratification, resiliency will prepare you for the challenges presented in our very complex world. Remain focused on team development as you are stronger together.

nate and others during meet swim


Julian Olivieri, Nate Teerlinck, Ethan Rheude, Vincent Chen

Julian Olivieri, Nate Teerlinck, Ethan Rheude, Vincent Chen

What did you know about the record and the previous record holders?

I had the opportunity to meet Mychaljo a few summers ago at a swim camp that coach Scheemaker hosted over the summer, and we briefly talked for a few minutes. At the time, I was about 2 seconds away from the record. Before then, though, his name had been on the record board for my entire swimming career. Once I started to get into breaststroke, the record never seemed attainable or something that I should even set my hopes for, kind of like the idea of beating Pittsford. It was the only men’s record left from the 90’s, so it carried an aspect of legend to it. The time was so deeply ingrained in the lore of the team because it had been up there for so long. Once I started to swim at a higher level and got closer and closer to the time, I started to realize that I could actually make history, that I had the potential to beat the oldest men’s record on the board. When I finally did it, it felt surreal. I now get to leave behind a piece of me that I am extremely proud of. That time, 59.17, that I had hung above my bed on a piece of paper, is no longer a target or a goal, but instead something monumental that I had finally achieved.

Who was your swimming coach(es) at Canandaigua Academy?

When Pat Kerwin and I swam varsity as 8th graders, Mr. Bob Black was the coach. All else, Mr. Roy Weymouth was our coach.

Who are your swimming coaches?

coach Scheemaker and nate

Coach Dylan Scheemaker & Nate Teerlinck, February 10, 2022

Coach Scheemaker has been my head coach for my entire highschool career. He has single handedly transformed me into the swimmer I am today, as well as being partially responsible for who I am today. He has taught me to be humble, respectful, and confident. He is one of the greatest people who I have had the pleasure of knowing. I have had a few assistant coaches along the way, including Evan Smith and Mitch Segbers, two of the most influential people in my swimming career.

How many years have you been on the varsity team?

I have swam varsity since 8th grade. I started swimming for the YMCA in 4th grade, and swam with FAST (Fairport Area Swim Team) in September of 2021. In total, five years on varsity and about 10 years total.

What are your favorite memories of attending CA?

Great friends, great teachers.

What are your favorite memories of attending CA?

My highschool experience was very unique due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The only mostly normal year I had was freshman year, so I missed out on a lot of fun activities, like prom, throughout my high school experience. However, we were still able to have swim seasons during my junior and senior years, which I am incredibly thankful for, so most of my best memories are from these years. I think that the best memory is beating Pittsford in our meet against them. To beat them, the giants that have dominated section V for so long, a seemingly impossible task, is something that I never thought was possible and is something that I will never forget.

What was/ is your favorite race in a high school swim meet?

100 butterfly. It was where my team needed me most. Very competitive and extremely taxing. Oddly, I didn't start swimming breaststroke until late in my Junior year.

What is your favorite race?

100 breaststroke. I find breaststroke to be really fun and different from all of the other strokes. My favorite 100 breaststroke of all time - so far - is when I broke Mychaljo’s record at sectionals. I’m hoping to bring the time down a little further at states.


The oldest record now on the board for the Canandaigua Academy Boys Swimming & Diving program is from 2009 and was set by Will Brophy in the 200 m freestyle. Brophy and Eliaszewskyj are both members of the Section V Swimming and Diving Hall of Fame.

The Canandaigua Academy swim team will compete at the New York State Swimming & Diving Championships at Ithaca College on Saturday, March 5. In addition to Nate, the following Braves will take to the pool: Jack Chapman, Vincent Chen, Ethan Colf, Julian Olivieri, Alex Carnevale, Jared Bjorling, Dom Falbo. The team won the Section V Class B Championship. Coach Dylan Scheemaker was named the co-coach of the year and senior Jack Chapman was named the swimmer of the meet. The team was also nominated for the sportsmanship award by the officials. Good luck at Sectionals!