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was founded on August 24, 2004 in a concerted effort to create a legal entity under which all booster clubs could operate. A separate 501(c)3 charitable organization was formed creating separation from specific school district functions.

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CASB Board

CASB Board

Mark MacNeilBoard President
Joanne EmersonBoard Vice-President
Bob AlexanderTreasurer
Pam McGuireSecretary


Listed here are the requirements for participation as a booster club member in CASB:

Meeting attendance - there are approximately 2 meetings per year.

Notifications of officer changes - need to keep good contact info for the President or a duly appointed person that will represent the club as a CASB member.

All notifications should be made to
Insurance premium payment - the insurance policy covering liability of members of CASB and participants in the individual booster clubs is due to the CASB Treasurer by May 15th of each year. Clubs will be notified of amount due at the yearly member meeting. (late winter/early spring) The premium is divided equally among the 19 clubs.

Annual Income and Expense statement - each club must track Income and Expenses and report annually to the CASB treasurer. The CASB fiscal year is 7/1 - 6/30. The filing date is Nov 15. Each club will receive a template for categorizing Income and Expenses in a standard way. The report is due back to the treasurer each year by Sept. 1st. via email only to
Accountant fee payment - the filing fee for our accountant to file the annual tax statement will be divided equally by the 19 clubs. This payment is also due to the CASB Treasurer by May 15th of each year. Clubs will be notified of amount due at the yearly member meeting. (late winter/early spring)


Benefits to Booster Clubs for membership in CASB:

Group Liability Insurance - Every Canandaigua Booster Club is required by the school to have a liability insurance policy. CASB has arranged for a group policy to cover all members of CASB, their officers, and volunteers for $2,000,000 liability coverage. The premium is divided equally among the CASB members (currently 19 clubs). Please note that this insurance is NOT health/medical insurance and DOES NOT apply to "bodily injury" to any person while practicing for or participating in any sports or athletic contest. Individual Booster Clubs are responsible for addressing the issue of possible injuries resulting from any any sports or athletic contest that their group may be sponsoring or participating in.

501(c)3 status - Each member club can enjoy an official 501(c)3 Not-for-Profit status in the eyes of the IRS. The main benefit of which is to be able to purchase supplies tax-free. The club president will have a form to be used when purchasing items.

IRS Compliance -Every charitable organization must file a form annually with the IRS. CASB has arranged for an accountant to file the appropriate forms annually on behalf of CASB. Each club will need to fill out a spreadsheet summarizing their Income & Expenses and email it to The information will be compiled and filed by the accountant annually. The accountant's fee will be equally divided among the CASB clubs (17)