Stars of Tomorrow Awards

Students are dressed in PE
Stars of Tomorrow Awards by the Rochester Broadway Theatre League - May 10, 2024

35 schools were adjudicated by and participated in Stars of Tomorrow program this year and the gala was held last night at the Auditorium Theatre in Rochester.

At the beginning of the gala, Jack Johnson, Taryn Campbell, and Maya Fantauzzi had the opportunity to be a part of the opening number with 97 other students from the different school districts.

Awards won by Canandaigua:
  • Excellence in production design
  • Excellence in student orchestra
  • Excellence in production crew
  • Excellence in dance ensemble
  • Excellence in acting ensemble
Achievement in leading role for :
  • Carmine Cafiero - Ren McCormack
  • Jerame Payne - Reverend Shaw Moore
  • Jack Johnson - Reverend Shaw Moore
  • Maya Fantauzzi - Ariel Moore
  • Taryn Bjorling - Vi Moore
  • Jenna Wallace - Rusty
  • Beck Vitale - Ariel Moore
  • Natalie Mix - Ren McCormack
  • Taryn Campbell - Willard Hewitt
  • Charlie Sundlof - Willard Hewitt
  • Emma Marshall - Rusty

CA was the only school where every lead role won this award!!

Tip of the hat award to non-adjudicated roles :
  • Kailyn D’Agostino - Clarinet
  • Zachary Long - Coach Dunbar
  • Ellie Martin - Flute
  • Ash Meris - Wendy Jo
  • Bunny Meyer - Betty Blast
  • Phoebe Russell - Ethel McCormack

Carmine Cafiero made it into the top 40 preliminary round for the Jimmy Awards competition in NYC, out of the 250 kids that were adjudicated.


We are #CanandaiguaProud!