Prism Concert

The Canandaigua City School District Music Department presents the Canandaigua Academy 24th Annual Holiday Prism Concerts.

prism concert in gym

Prism Rehearsal in the Academy Gym

Academy Performances Recorded Live

To adjust for social distancing and certain NYSED/DOH regulations, this year's concert was live in two places at the same time, our main gym and the Canandaigua Academy Theatre. The groups performing in the other performance space will be broadcast live into the other. 

  • Performing live in the theatre: Symphony Orchestra, Symphonic Band, Jazz Ensembles, Jazz Choir, Tenor/Bass Choir, and various transitions.
  • Performing live in the gym: Mixed Choir, Treble Choir, Wind Ensemble, Chamber Orchestra, and various transitions.

Prism 2021 Rehearsals

chorus performing in auditorium


female singing