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Canandaigua Music Educators will lead and inspire students to fulfill their academic and creative potential through music. All children have the ability to create, value, and connect with music. Music is worthy of study in its own right, yet also provides other meaningful benefits.

The adult life of every student is enriched by the skills, habits, and discipline acquired in the study of music.

25th Annual Prism Concert

December 20, 2022

The CA Holiday PRISM Concert is turning 25! Join us for an incredible night of music making featuring over 250 Canandaigua Academy Musicians and technical stage hands. A PRISM concert is a unique concert experience, as once the music starts, it flow seamlessly from piece to piece without any interruption. Large ensemble works are selected by our Academy Music educators, while the shorter musical vignettes are selected, prepared, and auditioned for by students.

The Sound

The Canandaigua School District strives to create the most professional performance environment possible. Students learn from a young age to assemble together with exemplary manners and with great respect towards performers and presenters.

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