Suffragettes of New York Field Trip

Susan B. Anthony House
& Mt. Hope Cemetery

Fourteen students participated in the "Suffragettes of New York" field trip on Saturday, March 30. The field trip was open to all Canandaigua Academy students and was sponsored by the Wood Library with a grant funded through the Ontario/ Yates Fund for Women and Girls. The field trip to Rochester started with a tour of Susan B. Anthony's House. Students toured three floors of the home where Susan lived with her sister, Mary.

Susan was arrested in the front parlor of the home in 1872 after she and other women voted. The trial was held at the federal circuit court, here in Canandaigua. Anthony was convicted and never paid her $100 fine. Mary, Susan's younger sister, also worked as part of the women's suffrage movement and was the first female principal in the Rochester City School District. The administration asked her to be principal and she was not given equal pay to the man who previously held the job. She did not accept the position, and once chaos broke out at the school, they called on her to be principal and gave her equal pay.

After the tour of the home, students visited the carriage house at the Anthony home. They discussed the different types of protest Anthony led and students discussed current issues and ways people protest.

During the afternoon, students toured Mt. Hope Cemetery. Students visited the graves of:
Susan B. Anthony- Suffragist
Mary Anthony- Suffragist
Frederick Douglass- Abolitionist who worked with Anthony
Lewis Henry Morgan- Father of Cultural Anthropology
Robert Dalzell- Created the first grain elevator in the United States and helped Rochester become "The Flour City"
Dr. Sarah Dolley- Third woman to graduate medical school in the United States
Beverly Waugh Jones- Election inspector, charged with election fraud when Susan B. Anthony voted

Thank you to our community partner, Wood Library and Katie Smith, Teen Services Librarian, for organizing this Saturday field trip!