National Honor Society

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4 pillars of national honor society
One of the highest honors we can bestow upon some of our students is induction into National Honor Society.
Mrs. Marissa Logue, CA Principal

NHS Induction Ceremony May 12, 2022

Canandaigua Academy 2022-23 Members

Allen, Levi

Alonso, Santiago

Ashworth, Parker

Bentley, Katelyn

Bjorling, Jared

Boylan, Leah

Bucci, Allison

Bugenhagen, Ava

Burke, Mason

Canali, Jordyn

Chehata, Anthony

Colletti, Isaac

Couillard, Naomi

Cross, Margaret

Cywinski, Kathryn

Dodge, Alexis

Dramer, Matthew

Dramer, Olivia

Ehrlinger, Mary

Emerson, Reid

Farr, Gabriella

Fletcher, Grace

Friel, Alexa

Gerstner, Elisa

Hartpence, Sydney

Healy, Caroline

Henry, Nathan

Herman, Mya

Khan, Melanie

Loblaw, Lucie

Lorenzetti, Emily

McFetridge, Michael

McKenna, Conner

Morse, Samaya

Nicolson, Colin

Nicholson, Emily

Nieman, Koehler

Pagliano, Olivia

Pawlicki, Matthew

Pawlicki, Morgan

Piper, Tony

Reinhart, Kaylie

Rotz, Matthias

Shaw, Lily

Sickles, Carter

Smith, Shannon

Stringer, Neil

Tricomi, Julia

Tumbiolo, Skylar

Vasile, Lydia

Vitale, Jamie

Volpe, Andrew

Wendroff, Ian

Wong, Lilia

Yoder, Elizabeth

  • Character

    The force within an individual which distinguishes that person from others.

  • Service

    Willingness to work without monetary compensation or recognition

  • Leadership

    The willingness to yield to one's personal interests for the interest of others.

  • Scholarship

    A commitment to learning.

The motto of National Honor Society (NHS) is Noblesse Oblige, a French phrase literally meaning “nobility obligates”.In broader terms, it signifies that those of high rank have the obligation to behave honorably, generously and responsibly to others. Membership in the National Honor Society requires that individuals uphold this motto and excel in scholarship, service, character, and leadership.

Selection and membership in the National Honor Society is a privilege. It is more than just an honor roll. Students do not apply for membership, rather they are selected. First, their scholarship or academic record is reviewed. Any student with a cumulative grade point average, as calculated after the fall semester of their junior year, with a 90% or higher is given consideration for review.

 Invitations to current Juniors will be distributed following the posting of second quarter grades.

Thank you!