The CA Counseling Department is ready to help any student with school or personal issues that they would like to discuss, as well as with college or career preparations.

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christopher gietler

Christopher Gietler

9th Grade: A-Ch
10th Grade: A-C
11th Grade: A-C
12th Grade: A-Co

kristen  kelly

Kristen Kelly

9th Grade: Ci-F/G-H
10th Grade: D-F/G-K
11th Grade: D-F/G-H
12th Grade: Cr-F/G-H

kristen smith

Kristin Smith

9th Grade: I-O
10th Grade: L-P
11th Grade: I-M
12th Grade: J-N

leanne ducharme

Leanne Ducharme

9th Grade: P-R
10th Grade: R-Sc
11th Grade: N-R
12th Grade: O-R

lisa rounds

Lisa Rounds

9th Grade: S-Z
10th Grade: Se-Z
11th Grade: S-Z
12th Grade: S-Z