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Physical Education

Beth Aparo

Physical Education Lead Teacher

Ms. Beth Aparo

The mission of the Physical Education Department

is to play an essential role in the development of students by engaging in and understanding the importance of personal health, lifetime fitness, recreation and sport through necessary physical, social, emotional and cognitive skills.

s a result of participation in the Canandaigua Physical Education program, students will be able to independently…

  • Stay active and healthy throughout their lifetime.
  • Develop skills and strategies in the areas of cooperation, teamwork and fair play.
  • Thoughtfully engage in problem solving and positive decision making.
  • Develop an appreciation for rules, concepts and strategies through activity and authentic game play.
  • Apply skills learned to real life experiences.

The consistent threads that run through our K-12 Canandaigua Physical Education programs are:

STANDARD 1. Demonstrates competency in a variety of motor skills and movement patterns.

  • Sport Skills and Games
  • Dance, Movement and Rhythmic Activities
  • Fitness Activities
  • Lifetime Activities

STANDARD 2. Applies knowledge of concepts, principles, strategies and tactics related to movement and performance.

  • Movement Concepts
  • Strategies & Tactics

STANDARD 3. Demonstrates the knowledge and skills to achieve and maintain a health-enhancing level of physical activity and fitness.

  • Fitness Planning
  • Additional Health-Enhancing Behaviors

STANDARD 4. Exhibits responsible personal and social behavior that respects self and others.

  • Self-Awareness and Management
  • Social Awareness and Relationship Skills
  • Responsible Decision Making

STANDARD 5. Recognizes the value of physical activity for overall wellness, enjoyment, challenge, and/or self-expression.

  • Overall Wellness
  • Challenge
  • Self-Enjoyment/Expression

STANDARD 6. Recognizes career opportunities and manages personal and community resources related to physical activity and fitness to achieve and maintain overall wellness.

  • Personal and Community Resources
  • Careers

Primary Elementary School

Our department will teach your child many of the physical, cognitive and social skills necessary to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Our mission is to teach students about the importance of personal health and lifetime fitness. It is recognized that developing and practicing positive decision making in terms of personal fitness and wellness are inherent in leading a happy, healthy and productive life. A wide variety of activities are utilized to support the development of a Physically Educated Student. Emphasis is placed on advancing mutual respect, understanding of individual differences, sportsmanship and fair play.

Middle School

The objective of the Middle School Physical Education Program is to give students the opportunity to participate in a variety of team and individual sports. Students will continue to develop sport specific skills to be successful in modified game play. Students work to implement strategy within modified game play. Sportsmanship, respect and knowledge of how sport and physical activities relate to a healthy lifestyle continue to be a major focus.

High School

The overall objective of the Academy Physical Education program is to create, teach, and apply healthy lifestyles. Physical Education is an integral part of the total program at the Academy. Students must earn two credits of Physical Education in order to fulfill graduation requirements. Students participate in Physical Education on an alternating day basis. Adaptive Physical Education is available for students with special needs as specified in the IEP. The Physical Education program is modified on a yearly basis in order to introduce students to a variety of sports and lifetime recreational activities. There is an aquatics component to all Physical Education courses both in the Fall and Spring semesters.

Students who fail to fulfill the Physical Education requirement during the school year will be encouraged to earn the required credit in summer session if the program is available.

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