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Music Lead Teacher

Mr. Greg Kane

A Letter from Greg Kane, Music in Canandaigua

Dear Friends,

Thanks in part to the dedication, commitment and support of students, families, community and our Board of Education, the Canandaigua City School District boasts a thriving, robust and all encompassing Music Program for school aged students K-12.

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Academy Courses Offered

Music Education

Music Education plays an essential role in the development of every child. As Canandaigua Music Educators, we believe all children have the ability to create, appreciate, and connect to music. We will lead and inspire students to fulfill their academic and creative potential through music and foster music appreciation in all students.

girl playing trumpet
  • Music Education is a unique academic discipline. Musicians combine intellect and artistry drawn from a distinct set of skills and vocabulary.

  • Music Education fosters creativity. Musicians actively create, improvise, infer, and interpret within an established musical context. Musical creativity necessitates that one speaks with fluency, confidence, and poise.

  • Music Education promotes collaboration. Musicians utilize independent executive skills in an interdependent environment.

  • Music Education develops critical thinking skills. Musicians think, analyze, and create in real time in reaction to the environment around them, connecting a multitude of cognitive and physical processes and engaging both the left and right sides of the brain.

  • Music Education is communication. Musicians speak about music utilizing common vocabulary but also convey both thought and emotion nonverbally through performance.

Music is worthy of study in its own right, yet also provides other meaningful benefits. The adult life of every student is enriched by the skills, habits, and discipline acquired in the study of music.