Bill Bowe

Health Lead Teacher


Mr. William Bowe


Achieving health literacy for all students is dependent upon a comprehensive health education program. We want our students to be healthy for their own sake, but the fact remains: Healthy children also learn better. Health literacy promotes behaviors that lead to more meaningful education and a higher quality of life.

Middle School
Health Course Selections with Descriptions

Health - Grades 7 & 8

This course students will learn how to live a healthy life. Students will decide what health information is most important to them. Students will learn strategies to help them make healthy choices and change some of their not so healthy habits or choices.

High School
Health Course Selections with Descriptions


0901 Health
Half Year ½ unit Grades 10-12

This course fulfills the requirement for the state mandate in health education. The course has been designed for grade 10. Topics to be covered include at-risk behavior, nutrition/physical fitness, mental and emotional health, human sexuality, disease prevention, and drugs. The basic focus of the course is to examine the relationship between health risk behaviors and identify the consequences (short and long term) of these behaviors with the added emphasis of developing skills such as: decision making, communication, stress management, planning and goal setting, advocacy, and identification of community resources. The desired outcome of the course is that the students will be able to improve not only the quality of their lives, but also their life expectancy.

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