English Language Arts


marie windover

English Language Arts Lead Teacher

Marie Windover

The Canandaigua City School District English department seeks to develop students who are strategic readers, effective writers, engaging speakers, and critical thinkers.

The main goal of the English Language Arts program is to teach students English language literacy skills. These skills are primarily expressed in the ability to effectively read, write, listen and speak.

In addition to teaching literacy skills, the program also emphasizes the appreciation of literature. A wide variety of authors and genres are presented to students throughout the K-12 continuum. Students are taught content knowledge about significant literary eras and specific titles, as well as notable authors. Students are also taught figurative language and other literary devices that enhance and enrich the study of literature.

Furthermore, students in ELA classrooms across the grade-levels are encouraged to create their own texts in a meaningful and supportive manner so that their individual voices and perspectives might be brought to a wider audience.

Primary Elementary School


The Scott Foresman ELA program is used as a resource to teach early reading strategies. As a district, we are meeting the requirements of the Common Core Learning Standards through the implementation of New York State provided curriculum in grades K through 2 (Listening and Learning) and grades 3 through 5 (Modules).

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Middle School


High School