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What is New?

New Website for CCSD!

With the new website, Teacher pages will be going away and instead, teachers will have Schoology available to create their pages. These Schoology pages can be accessed by teachers, students and parents.

We now have Schoology available for the entire district, K-12!

Watch for on going training on Schoology and setting up your pages.

custodian appreciation day

Remote Access

Remote Access uses software called VMware View that allows you to connect to a windows computer at the school district remotely from any computer or tablet on the Internet. The computer you are connecting to is configured just like one that you would find in any of our computer labs with most of the software you would normally use.You also have full access to your home directory (H:\) and Course/Shared Folders (Y:\).

You can connect with your browser (use the Remote Access button at the top of the page) which will work for most uses or you can download a client for your device and connect with it. The client will give you USB connectivity for Windows and the Mac and a little better picture and sound quality.

Download Client

When asked for the server address, it is:

Instructions for Windows

Instructions for Mac