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Lead Testing

Superintendent's Letter to Community - November 22, 2016

November 22, 2016

Dear Canandaigua City School District Residents,

Safe and healthy school environments can foster healthy and successful children. To protect public health, the Public Health Law and New York State Health Department (NYSDOH) regulations require that all public schools and boards of cooperative educational services (BOCES) test lead levels in water from every outlet that is being used, or could potentially be used, for drinking or cooking. If lead is found at any water outlet at levels above 15 parts per billion (ppb), which is equal to 15 micrograms per liter (µg/L), the NYSDOH requires that the school take action to reduce the exposure to lead.

Testing Procedure

In recent months and in consultation with the Genesee Valley Educational Partnership Health and Safety Services Department, the Canandaigua City School District administered a water testing plan for school district facilities following the New York State Department of Health guidelines. These guidelines indicate any level of lead above 15 parts per billion is considered an “actionable” level for schools – meaning that, if detected, additional corrective and educational actions are recommended, but the level does not directly correlate to increased blood-lead levels in individuals. The Canandaigua City School District is using 15 parts per billion and also will undergo a second phase of New York State recommended testing.

Testing Results

Leader Professional Services conducted testing in 849 locations throughout all of our District facilities. Within these locations, we have learned that 2 water fountains in our Primary Elementary School exceeded the threshold; it is not unusual for fixtures in older buildings to have slightly elevated results, especially when the water has been sitting for some time. Access to these fountains, which were already limited in use, was removed immediately.

Please note, all other drinking fountains in our District facilities met guidelines for water consumption.

The testing agency also found that there were sinks in school facilities that exceeded the threshold. These sinks have been either completely shut off during the next phase of testing, or in limited circumstances, have been designated as hand-washing stations only with non-potable water. The sinks are safe for hand-washing according to the Center for Disease Control because human skin does not absorb lead in water. When necessary an alternative water supply has been added at these locations.

Next Steps

The water for the Canandaigua City School District is supplied by the Ontario County Water and Sewer Authority and the City of Canandaigua. The drinking water supply for the Canandaigua City School District is tested regularly by our water providers. Water tests have been performed routinely by the Ontario County Water and Sewer Authority and the City of Canandaigua. The results of the most recent tests of the actual water supply to the District indicated levels of lead were within normal quality ranges for all sites.

Given the recent results, Canandaigua has engaged in the next phase of the New York State recommended guidelines specific to certain water sources. Because of the high demand for water testing, a date has not yet been provided for receiving the report of results from this next phase of water testing.

We will continue to consult with the New York State Public Health Department and follow NYS guidance in the next steps regarding retesting and mitigation measures. The health and safety of all users of our facilities is very important to us.

Thank you for your continued support and understanding.


Lynne H. Erdle

Superintendent of Schools

Title 1

Title 1 is federally funded to help children who are struggling to meet challenging academic state standards.

Title 1 monies are used to support:

  • Salaries of K-5 Reading teachers servicing struggling students at both Canandaigua Primary-Elementary School and St. Mary's Catholic school,
  • Academic Intervention Services for Canandaigua students who are in out-of-district placements (due to handicapping conditions or behavioral issues),
  • Supplies and materials for homeless students,
  • Services for students at the Ontario County Youth Care Facility
  • Services for incarcerated youths at the Ontario County Jail.

Canandaigua City School District

Title 1

AIS School‐Parent Compact

To help our children achieve, we agree to abide by the following conditions during the 2015‐2016 school year:

School Responsibilities

The school will:

* Provide high‐quality curriculum and instruction in a supportive and effective learning environment;

* Hold parent‐teacher conferences during these conferences, this compact will be discussed as it relates

to your child’s academic achievement;

* Provide parents with frequent reports on their child’s progress;

* Provide parents reasonable access to staff; and

* Provide parents with opportunities to volunteer and participate in their child’s class and to observe

classroom activities.

Parent Responsibilities

We, as parents, will support our children’s learning in the following ways:

* Monitor my child’s attendance;

* Make sure that homework is completed;

* Limit amount of television my child watches;

* Volunteer in my child’s school;

* Participate in decisions regarding my children’s education;

* Promote positive use of my child’s extracurricular time; and

* Stay informed about my child’s education and communicate with the school regularly.

Student Responsibilities

As a student, I will share the responsibility to improve my grades, and agree to:

* Do homework every day and ask for help when needed;

* Read at least 20 minutes a day outside of school; and

* Give to my parents all notices and information received by me from my school every day