Dear Canandaigua Family,

It is an honor and a privilege to be officially serving the community and school district where I chose to raise my family and have resided for nearly 20 years. Over the first few weeks of the summer I spent a great deal of time settling into the new role, meeting people and getting a handle on exactly what makes Canandaigua’s educational program effective, and where we might seek opportunities for improvements. Each summer, the administrative team gathers for an “Advance”, which essentially means we spend a few days learning together, developing our team, and finalizing plans for the upcoming school year in order to be as impactful as possible.

At the conclusion of this year’s Advance, we each had an opportunity to help identify our theme for the 2017-2018 academic year. Each member of the team suggested a few words that they thought captured the essence of the learning we had just completed. A few common threads emerged from this activity. The most common thread was “collaboration.” The administrative team truly believes that the smartest person in the room is indeed the room.

Through true collaboration, we intend to maximize the expertise and insight of everyone involved to provide an educational experience which is second to none. We also are determined to extend that collaboration to our families, our business and agency partners and our general community.

The other common threads derived from our Advance focused around developing clear, transparent communications such that everyone knows our purpose and direction. We believe that we are establishing a “Culture of CAn” where student and staff empowerment, innovation, risk-taking, and vulnerability are embraced and celebrated. Also inherent in this sort of culture is the acknowledgement that relationships matter. So in order to achieve a Culture of CAn, a caring and loving approach to education is essential.

The Canandaigua City School District is steeped in a history of excellence in academics, character, and the arts / athletics. With our focus on community-wide collaboration, clear communication and a “Culture of CAn,” we are certain the level of excellence will not only be maintained, but will consistently expand. As we accomplish that goal together, we will all remain a Braves Family, Canandaigua Proud!